Status Update on Cellphone and Door-bell

I do have a Facebook profile. Do you?

What is the 1st thing that comes up in your mind- when I say FB..? Status Update- what else.. pheww!

The more ‘learned” ones leave their Eureka phrases, while others would write what they gorged on during the weekend..

Then came Twitter

Technically, Twitter (launced in July- 2006), is a website, which offers a social networking and micro-blogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default, however senders can restrict message delivery to their followers. Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers.

The one with the Twitter account “tweets” about the recent events or things he may be witnessing or even experiencing. In short, you may use it as an open forum- to flash the latest (read: redundant) news, your (not so significant) discoveries, wish everyone across a very happy “not plucking weeds today” day. Did you sneeze, blink or gasp? Tweet right away- now.

Soon after Orkut was launched, the service had upgraded too for the Profile holder to update his “Recent Update”

Some status update jokes:

When the man to be hanged was asked about his last wish, he had promptly said that he wanted to update his FB status as- being hanged..

The break ups are no more verbal exchange of “It’s all over now..”; instead, it is all over (the net) now– Thanks to the FB status update.

It’s not a virtual life that we are laboring to keep alive in the cyber space; but many avatars- Twitter, FB, Orkut..

A couple of gadgets where I wish this “Status Update” service could be installed.


Anyone who wishes to speak with you, would get to hear your status update for the day (or hour or the minute- whatever suits you)- WTF!! Leave me alone you d*ck-face, just go and jump off the cliff- for all I may care- I am sulking right now..

Soon after the message, the caller would hear an option of either hanging up (I suggest that be done) or proceed to ring the caller (to hear the message directly from you..)


I am just so tired of attending to everyone who presses the bell as if was for some orgasmic pleasure. Flood relief, sales man, beggars, maids asking for work- even when were shoo-ed away only a day back.. the list gets harrowing. A year back, some surds had pushed themselves inside my home asking for “charity”.

I wish there was an option whereby the nuisance creator (the one who presses the goddamn switch of that doorbell I bought- which rings like church bell) gets to hear a rowdy status update soon after he presses that switch. I don’t get too many people at my place anyway. Then again, we all have cell- phones and so can interact if they are wanting to invite themselves over for a cup of coffee..

Probably I could record a message that if the one pressing the bell is not personally known, he would be drowned inside the river of red- ants.. Please press that switch one more time if you wish to be buried alive in the bag of leeches.

Food for thought

Be honest and tell me, how often do you dare to “barge into” someone’s place to gossip over the evening cup of tea, without “fixing” up for the same? Gone are the days when evenings meant getting dressed up to go out with your parents. I used to so look forward to such walks to the neighboring and even not neighboring friends. I used to leave my parents with the visiting elders, cribbing incessantly about the price hike and get busy with my friends for the evening! Often these families were my school friends..

Our parents changed their circle to socialize, almost replacing their own friends with our school friends, yet we hated them when we were called to go home every evening after our play- time was long over.

We don’t call, we only text..

A few of our very personal things or identity i.e., Our name, our cell- phones and the door- bells are only for others to play upon..

Credits: Definitions and research Wikipedia via Google.. 🙂

My Mind is Awake
Sleeping Factor

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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14 Responses to Status Update on Cellphone and Door-bell

  1. fiveloaf says:

    thank you for sharing this olivia and congrats to you for winning the perfect poet award week 37!

  2. Nice! I love the remembrance of old times too when we used to call on friends/relatives with our folks and they’d call on us too after a few days/weeks. Now that culture is almost gone.

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Priyanka,
      Thanks for stopping by..
      I so miss those days, no pretenses, fallacies but warm cordiality used to rule most of the relations!!

      Why almost.. it’s completely dead!! They all shy away..

  3. Uncle Tree says:

    I bet you think of Uncle Tree as one of the “learned” ones. Oh, my!
    Edgar A. Poe wrote a 40,000-word prose/poem named “Eureka”.
    See what I have learned about the really, really “learned” ones?

    Your passion, Olivia, extends into ev’ry area of your life.
    Journaling is not only great therapy, it can also help you find your voice.
    Not the voice you speak with, but the one who speaks to you.

    Carry on, UT

  4. Scent of my heart says:

    Haha, I had a good laugh here sweets, you know people around me who know me very well don’t dare to call me or ring on my door bell before 10 a.m or in the middle of the night unless there is somewhere a house burning, because many of them have been sent to hell 🙂 I can be really nasty if someone wakes me up before the time to wake up! I like FB too I must say, though sometimes I don’t have the time to be very active there.
    I hate door bells, I had mine disconnected for a very long time and my phone … as soon as I get home, usually it stays in the bag with the sound off 🙂
    Great post!

    • Olivia says:

      Quite likewise Blaga,
      I keep my darn doorbell off when in bed and on weekends too! Ditto goes with my cell phone ringer. My friends know it for sure how I hate talking right in the morning- only crows do- I believe 😐
      Oh yes, I have blasted every one who has tried to press the door- bell like some public charity. The worse part is that there’s an extension from the main gate too so doesn’t matter my staying at the 2nd floor 😦
      Thanks again for appreciating.. 😀

  5. 2zpoint says:

    You sound like you’re having a venting moment!LOL! that’s okay I heard my cell phone go off at 6 in the morning and I pitched it down the stairs. It landed in the kitchen…I know I shouldn’t have because I do need it but I swear it was an orgasmic release of anger at the time. Just imagine a cabin in the woods with…wait for it…….NO Cell phone…internet….DOORBELLS! now doesn’t that sound awesome. Steal away a little quite time for yourself you deserve it…and need!

    • Olivia says:

      hahaha lolss
      That sounds like my dream place- really!!
      I hate to be disturbed no matter whatever I am doing.. 🙂

      Poor cellphone! Here the phone would have died if made to go through such a landing!

      It’s Weekend, no door- bell, no cellphone.. bliss!! 😀

  6. dan says:

    Would this be a good time to comment? Or should I come back later? I’ll bet your eyes flash and you’re more animated than usual. I have all the above accounts but don’t bother to go “real time” very often. Have a very good day — calm and peaceful—and thanks for your comments and posts.

    • Olivia says:

      Dan, on my blog- absolutely anytime.. and readers and bloggers like you- absolutely anytime.. 🙂

      It was completely my pleasure to read those lovely ones.. I am usual self- not really mad- as of now- i.e., haha
      Hugs xx

  7. Talon says:

    Olivia, you’ll laugh, but I don’t own a cell phone and have never sent a text message in my life…I don’t do facebook or twitter…I just don’t want to be that ‘connected’ to friends, family, or virtual strangers…

    I guess my motto is “keep it simple” and I’m not a fan of the “drop ins” either – it just catches people off-guard and interrupts them and time alone is so valuable I would never intrude without permission…

    • Olivia says:

      You are so blessed!!
      I didn’t own a cellphone for a longtime- had to for work purpose.. sigh!
      I then decided to maintain the number since I am completely on my own.. Just in case.. I use it for my identification purpose. I agree it’s a nuisance!

      I joined FB only last year, I agree it feels good.. 🙂
      I quite agree with what you have said.. Thanks for stopping by!!

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