Sleep Crashers

It’s been a week since I have been sleeping like a log- or perhaps like a dead wood!

No late nights, no extra drinks, no extra work- outs, no watching extra television. I am yet to figure out what it is. I am enjoying this phase- no doubt about it. I have slogged waking up at un-earthy hours for my US shifts while working with Convergys and then later in other BPOs. In my growing up years, I used to wake up at 5- no matter what the season was.

I still do.

That I am not leaving the bed before it’s well past noon is what I am liking about myself!

I don’t laze around the house or on the bed. I actually sleep- as in doze off- I have had my share of insomniac nights too- not anymore.

Isn’t that what winters are meant for? Being in bed without really having to think about the work, world or any thing else? Just stay put inside the warm quilt, toss and snore. Toss again and snore aloud- as if no body’s business.. 🙂

Last night, feeling all snug and cozy, (the temperature here is touching 2 degrees C), I had stretched myself along side my fat bolster. I had decided to take my hot water bag to the bed and keep the blower off. It must have been 11.30 at midnight. I heard a bang of the 1st floor iron gate.. tic..toc..tic..toc.. a pair of heels made their way arrogantly till a huge slam of the cup- board doors had happened. There was a sound of shifting of some huge furniture- maybe the double bed. I say so because the damn thing screamed and begged not to be shifted with so much weight on it! Thud.. slamming of a few more doors..

It was already an hour bearing that ruckus. I had tried slapping my box bed once, so they mellow down a bit- but to no avail. This family shifted a week back at the 1st floor, I stay at the 2nd floor. I hate loud noises. Anything that I am not making is a noise- simple. I walk like a cat- one can barely know which side I may be. I snore like a cat- when tired- and not like a hibernating bear, whereby the entire neighborhood would look for ear- plugs. My maid gets a beating everyday because I find she makes too muck clanking. Although she doesn’t! That’s her side of the story.

A hoarse voice had then started shouting. I mean c’mon, it’s icy chilled. Get inside the damn bed and watch some stuff on the idiot- box or maybe sleep off like a boring soul. But for heaven’s sake, don’t make noises to abuse the other one’s peace and sleep both! After thinking about it for some time, I stepped out of my warm quilt. It had to be dealt with once and for all- and in their own way!

The house I stay in has glass door and window on one side of the whole wall. To ensure safety, iron grill has been put up. So I unlatch the iron gate first. The sound that it made was so hopeless that I would have jumped my lungs out had I been asleep and someone else did that. Then I latched it back- another screech- ending in a bang. Then I beat the gate one more time as if in rage. I open up the wardrobe doors and slam shut. 4 times.. 🙂 I go to the restroom, relieve and comeout to bang on the gate yet again.

Believe me or not- that hoarse sound had died out. No more slamming or snapping was happening. Infact, I had to hear for it a little harder- it was an absolute silence. There were no more sounds or noises coming from the 1st floor. So they did get the message damn right!

What else.. I went off to rest my peepers till I decided to leave the bed at 1 this noon.. 😀

Happy Winters

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Sleep Crashers

  1. Andy says:

    Hello Olivia. How are you?
    It’s difficult when you have neighbors who are in such close proximity. People forget that their sounds travel. I’ve been there & done that.
    I think you handled the situation well…at least they quietened down…until the next time (lol).

    Hope you are well.
    Have a great week ahead!

    • Olivia says:

      Yes, long time indeed!
      Just half hr back they were banging their doors as if to take a grudge out on..??

      Wishing you a nice one sweetheart!
      hugs xoxox

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  3. Chloe says:

    Hey Olivia – just found out that you work from home! Wow, that’s awesome…that’s what I’m looking to do at the moment…don’t fancy having to get all dressed up for the office anymore! lol

    Hope you have a great day,
    Chloe xx

  4. Hmmmm…so finally enjoying those late hours in bed? Which leads to another question…what about your job?

    • Olivia says:

      I work from home.. Definitely work is being a little affected. I then slog it through the evening and on weekends- S.U.L.K.!!

      I love to coil around on the bed letting the clock tick by..
      Lazy Lioness that I am.. 🙂

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