Beautiful beginning of 2011

Only yesterday I had dreamt of that. It is still the beginning of this year. The dream occurred at a time, where it spelled more importance.

This year has begun very beautifully.

8th January, 2011- 12.10am

I had sent a text at midninght wishing Rajshree for her birthday. A fat reply had sat in return. She was to come to Delhi on 11th, she could meet me. The last time she had planned to, it hadn’t worked out! That office trip had never happened. This time it did.

We met.

11th January, 2011.

It didn’t seem that we met after 3 years. Talks, gossips and discussing my life story were the highlights of the session. She is one of the most cheery ones of my friends. After concluding her office work, she had landed at my place at 9pm. I had jolted her at 12, we needed to eat and sleep. Food with some more chats had happened. Doing the dishes, some more chats had happened! I was to prepare breakfast the following morning at 7.30am. That was before my maid comes, so I had cleaned the kitchen table before sleeping.

Some more chats.

We must have hit the bed at 1.30.

Some more talks followed.

The first thing she wanted was to look around my house.

She liked my place. She had eagerly craned her neck to see where I sit and blog. Really now- all my friends do this. This computer work station is becoming the most important part of my Life- it seems! There’s no doubt that it is already- but now, it is gaining popularity too.. 😉 Perhaps, I need to put a ticket window on the entrance of this room.

The Computer Work Station where Olivia sits and writes..!!

She still thinks that I am sweet. That is very sweet of her indeed. She had praised me no end. I had gained all my lost inches back- swelling up in pride. Isn’t she generous? She didn’t sit on my bed till she washed her feet- I had a tough time making her sit on the Living Room Box bed with a quilt. That’s how it is with Bengalese. Exactly that’s how it was at my home too (i.e., till my mom was alive).

I received the Compliment of the Year soon-

I still happen to be the same one..

Translation- I am still as talkative, witty, chirpy and cheerful.

It simply means that I have successfully gone back to how I used to be. Rajshree happens to be one of the few ones who had witnessed my being pressed under that phase. She is one of the very few who hasn’t judged me for how I am. Just one of the reasons why we are close friends.. 🙂 She happens to be my team member when I worked with Hutch- Vodaphone in Okhla. We were friends back then too. For only a short period I had lost touch when she had left our office. I had thought perhaps she had moved on!




Snooze.. This time she dozed off. May be at 3.30 or even later.

I had joined Vodaphone in January 2001. We have completed 10 very nice years of knowing each others as friends. I along with yet another colleague had barged at her place, years back on her birthday. Although the episode has blurred in remembering, we had loads of fun at her home with her and Masima (her mom). She is one helluva woman! Warm hearted, generous, beautiful and many years ahead of her times. I had fun talking to her; the age and generation difference just didn’t seem to exist.

7am in the morning



Yet again..

Till 7.30.

I finally showed my devil self and threatened her to pull away the quilt. She was compelled to leave the bed. She had to leave soon to attend some concert and seminar thing- office work. The last thing I wanted was that she rushes out without her breakfast. Well, we were keener on talking than eating! She had left my place at 8.45am. We had chatted breathlessly till then. She had polished her breakfast plate alright, but had forgotten to take the orange juice tetra. For days together I had kept that pack sitting in my kitchen in her remembrance.

How emotional and foolish of me.. She often said so. Grin..!!

Work was fun with her in the same team and same shift. Now, life is good with her being my friend.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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2 Responses to Beautiful beginning of 2011

  1. Jingle says:

    best wishes for your day.
    you are witty enough to take good care of yourself…

    Happy Weekend,

  2. Bodhirose says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time catching up with an old friend. I’m happy for you. Gayle xoxo

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