The 13th Zodiac- Ophiuchus- II

The 13th Zodiac- Ophiuchus- I

I escaped changing my sign by just 1 day.. 😛

Jokes apart, perhaps we need to really research as to how many constellation pass through the Sun. Then again, the stars or the electromagnetic rays can influence only a certain period of time of an individual and not the complete life- not at all the times! If so, then why all of us are categorized into only 12 or 13 types, plus the cusp making it 26 types?

Astrology is not and can not be limited to a certain number of constellations the Sun travel through. The other planetary positions and with respect to each others location, creates numerous combinations and permutations. Then again, occult too rules. That means PalmistrySpirituality and also a wide based study of Esotericism would have to be combined altogether to understand a human behavior or personality trait of an individual. Then again, if we haven’t really kept our “minds” open to even understand it- much less appreciate it; how will we ever understand the addition or edition of any rule, group or celestial body as the case is?

Isn’t the “Change” the only Constant?

Anyone who wishes to stand up against an addition or edition into certain system, would have to first exhibit his understanding of the existing system. That alone would make him/her see the newer possibilities or the loop- holes. The ones opposing to the newer “possibility”; are they completely in sync with Theosophy? Alas, the ones who believe that a couple of lines in the daily- local newspaper would “give” them the highlights of the day, are only expressing how shallow their knowledge is.

What understanding do we hold of the subject that we are sitting around a small piece of probability- opposing it blatantly? I say it probability since neither you; nor I went up there in the space or watched it through any celestial telescope.

That said, we need to research a bit more to see any more constellations or undiscovered planets and stars that would help us understand why 2 people born at the same time, by the seconds hand of the watch, at the same hospital are diametrically opposite in nature. Once again, anyone who thinks that this is bogus; please explain why the twins so born from the same set of parents (obviously.. duh), are so much different in their individual natures- esp. born through cesarean method that would expose both the young ones to the outer world at the same time?

On a lighter note- Someone please help me understand- what is my correct time of birth? When one of my tiny parts was touched my the operation theater light when my mum’s tum was cut open, or when my head was dragged out of the sap inside the uterus- or when doctors must have looked at each other realizing that the baby (I i.e.,) was fine; given the fact that my pulse rate could not be recorded and that had led to an emergency operation to bring me out in this world full of confusions and contradiction- and not to forget the contra- indications!

It would be highly interesting to note that the Calender we follow is Gregorian which is based on solar pattern; however, the day of celebrating Hindu festivals are still determined by the Lunar calender that we used to follow before the Solar Calender came into existence. Why we shifted to Solar calender was to maintain consistency of the repetition of days, seasons and the number of months.  If we go back and read the Lunar calender, we would get to observe that 13 months have always existed in that pattern.

Anyone wanting to oppose a certain system that has existed ever since the mankind has, would also have to stop celebrating the festivals- since those are calculated as per the Moon’s position. Why only Hindu or Indian festivals; Eid celebrated by Mohammedans and the Chinese Moon Festival are all decided upon by the moon’s orbital position. So if the same pattern also says that there may be more than 12 months actually; why do we have to tear our hair over it?

Let’s see- how can a couple of celestial bodies up there rule our fate, lives and personality?

Quite likewise, it could be more than what we have been stuck to for the last few centuries. Just because we know a few things won’t make it a fact and not knowing the others won’t erase its existence.

Why is it being so difficult to accept that we have been ignorant of a particular science that has existed since the most ancient times?

Now, I see! I guess that’s because 13 is an evil number- isn’t it? Are the traditional scholars listening?


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3 Responses to The 13th Zodiac- Ophiuchus- II

  1. tasithoughts says:

    Great write, Olivia! You post interesting questions.


  2. Jingle says:

    13 seems evil in many culture, but I also know there are people love 13, it is a belief though..

    lovely explorations of life’s layers …we never know, but we pray and positively hope so….

    Happy Sunday!
    You Rock!

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