Foggy Foggy Monday Morning

Weather here, in this part of the Gurgaon City is highly unpredictable.

Last year, this winters; it had been foggy only for a day or two in December. I had enjoyed some foggy way drive while driving back from Jaipur to Delhi. Towards the New Year, it would start becoming foggy at 8-ish in the evening and then steer clear by late midnight. I had been practically missing the foggy days adventure. The year I had gotten married, it was stuffed up so bad that we drove back home at 10km/hr speed. All the vehicles were put on a snail trail. The one I was in, was put at the last of the row. Even the day I was to shift from my MN home to my marital house, the visibility had dropped to Zero in no time. This was only a couple of days before my Wedding. I had then traveled from Saket to Rohini. I had started at 10.30pm and reached at 1.10 in midnight!!

Ever since, I didn’t get to enjoy much of fog.

Till I shifted to Gurgaon. Last year it was heavenly. I would go out in the evening for a walk and come back all grinning! Fog would have set on me too. It would remain foggy till as late as 1.30 in the afternoon the next day. My domestic would get a perfect excuse of coming late- “I could barely see nothing..!

Bring it on..

After a couple of you-blink-and-miss hours of misty fog, today happens to be a perfect foggy morning. It had rained a night before in the middle of the night. then yesterday it was cloudy with almost no sun that the particles would dry up. Maybe that brought in some moisture in the weather to condense. Oh yes, that must have been!

I am enjoying!

A hot cup of coffee that my maid makes for me; today she was on time.. 🙂 Finally, my scoldings have sunken inside her grey cells. I clicked a few pics of the fog outside. I wouldn’t know why the flash didn’t blink. This isn’t my camera and I haven’t done much RnD over the gadget. I am breathing too. I loved how those misty particles caressed my cheeks when I had stepped out in the veranda.

Fog is supposed to be good for skin- isn’t it?


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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21 Responses to Foggy Foggy Monday Morning

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  2. Scent of my heart says:

    Foggy and interesting … I like your stories!

  3. Angela says:

    You’re a great storyteller.

  4. Bodhirose says:

    I love the fog as long as I don’t have to drive in it. It always has captivated me ever since I was a child. There’s something mysterious and magical about it. Driving in it can be extremely dangerous. Many multi-car crashes has happened because of it.


    Love… xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      That’s right Gayle..
      The other morning, I was in this car and was travelling from Jaipur to New Delhi (5- 6 hrs of car drive). Although it was the driver driving; I couldn’t lie back and enjoy. I had to keep my thrills hidden far back and be cautious instead. Soon a big bus over took us and made us follow it.. 🙂

      What else, my picnic time had begun.. lolsss

      I feel like full moon or no moon nights, even fog spells some mystical trans state for many things to pronounce themselves.. I mean ethereal creatures- far from our sense organs to decipher their presence- what say..?

      Thank you again.. 😀
      Love n Hugs xxx

      • Bodhirose says:

        At least for me, I think I feel that way about the fog because it has always been portrayed in books and movies as a very mysterious formation when scary, mystical things have happened. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, etc. all did their dirty work in the foggy moors or marshlands or foggy cemeteries… My feelings have more of a sinister feel about them than anything else.

        I think I just scared myself! 🙂
        Love and peace,

        • Olivia says:

          You just said what I missed typing- Scary (again!!)
          I also had wanted to write the same thing- and you did..

          One more crazy thingie- I guess, I’ll elaborate it in a post- I don’t watch horror movies. I feel those things are talking to me.. I am in my perfect senses right now to say that!! I can tell only within a few seconds if that’s a ghost movie and even the story.. I wish I knew a smiley to show how scary it is!

          Then again, there’s yet another realm to it; the spirits never come anywhere close to me. Perhaps they feel scared of me.. ahahaha

          Love n smiles

          • Bodhirose says:

            You are fortunate that the spirits don’t come anywhere near you. Although sometimes it isn’t bad. I’ve had a little spirit experience but it wasn’t threatening or scary to me.

            Take care out there in the fog…
            Love you,

            • Olivia says:

              Now humor this-
              I tried to read about the Ouija board knowing little that it was the same board that would stop working the moment I would touch it. Barely I had finished reading it, the power cut struck- only for long enough for me to decide not to read any more of that.. The connection was restored..!!!

              I have yet another foggy story in my mind- let’s see how soon I write that down.. It wasn’t scary but somewhat mystical- about last winters!
              Love you too a lot.. 😀

            • Bodhirose says:

              I have used that Ouija board way back when I was a teenager with some friends. Did seem to have some “activity” on it. It freaked us out!

              Years later, I had heard several warnings about the dangers of using that board. I will no longer participate in using it. Maybe the lights going out was a message to not continue…

              I look forward to your next foggy story! Your writings on your life are very interesting.
              With love,
              Gayle xoxo

            • Olivia says:

              Yes Gayle, I have definitely decided not to..
              No point playing with something that comes up with so many steer clear warnings- not worth it. There’s a proper step of knowing everything, and with times that shall happen..!

              I have seen the act several times from a distance. Then there was my cousin trying to do something with candles and scented sticks; I stepped inside the room- I didn’t know what was going on in there- everything halted!! Funny and un- canny too! I believe in proper steps and methods; so..

              Thank you so much for inspiring me- will post that soon enough.. 🙂 Even that is quite mystical in nature.. lolsss
              old habits die hard.. 😉

              Wish me strength

            • Bodhirose says:

              I agree with you–things will unfold naturally in their own time.

              Yes, old habits die hard–I struggle with these things too. We will wish for each other’s strength! 🙂

              I feel blessed if I have inspired you in any way…

            • Olivia says:

              You have and you do- always..!!

              Forgive my being a simple mortal; I am unable to express how I have benefited from you.. the day I am able to; consider me having become Divine- what self obsession.. !@#$@!$#%$

              BTW, don’t go anywhere near those boards excepting when they are chopping boards or carom boards or bill boards, black n white boards.. I have a question for you (you can hit me really hard after hearing that one).. What chalk would I use to write on a black n white board..?

              Send me huge bags of blessings

            • Bodhirose says:

              I am a simple mortal just like you. I am in search of my divine nature too. Why can’t I see it all of the time? It’s right here within me–bright and shiny…

              OK, I can tell a trick/joke question when I see one! (I would never want to hit you!) I’m sorry I cannot furnish you the answer–please tell.

              Huge bag of blessings is on it’s way to you…


            • Olivia says:

              A silly answer to a sillier question: I’ll write with a chalk on the black side and black marker on the white side.. teeheehee.. Sometimes, I can really make the other one pull his/her hair isn’t it..? Was just trying to pep up our moods- 🙂

              uhhhhhhhhh- swooooosh, caught the back while it was flying by.. Thank you, I already feel warm..
              Love n much Love xoxox

        • Bodhirose says:

          Mood is now sufficiently pepped up! 🙂 You are very cute.
          Much love,
          Gayle xoxo

  5. Too funny, Olivia. On such a day I was married. We left home downstate for a four hour ride upstate for honeymoon. It was crazy. Big trucks passing by our little compact. Nonetheless, I do love the fog and a good thing too. San Francisco area – like London – known for it. Comes in off the Bay all year round.

    Happy Potluck days. Thanks for all your JP work, Olivia. Much appreciated.

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you for your inspiring words here My Dear Sweet Jamie.. 🙂
      wow- I am envious reading this part now… :-/

      Happy Potluck Day to you too.. You do the real work- I’m still in the process of picking it up!!
      Love xx

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