About Time..!

I am not writing much now-a-days!

Neither am I riding my exercising bike like I used to. I am not very sure what is affecting my thought process that is stopping me from beating up the keys of the computer to build up a post. I am not even reading much- excepting a couple of blog sites; that I anyways used to. I amn’t doing anything creative either. My socializing is almost over. I amn’t travelling or going out as well. Barring a little cooking, I wonder what is it that I am doing for the entire day.

I am slaking- majorly.. 😦

There was a time- not long ago, when I used to pen it down in my hand writing, if it wasn’t possible to type immediately. I used to keep waking till the wee hours of morning. Then would keep myself glued to the computer screen till I was done posting it the way I wanted to. I would skip meals and scold myself in my mind later.

My inner voice used to look down upon me.

Often it ridiculed me for having remained so ignorant (about blogging) for so long. I would feel embarrassed at my own not knowing about the nuances of hosting the site. Teary eyed, I had posted a couple of posts to get “traffic” as it is referred to as and google extensively how to work it out. I would get onto Blogging Tips site and pick up posts at random and read and practice. It really won’t be out of place to mention that the lady was more than kind to me. I had even wanted to post a “guest post” after the summers.

That’s exactly when Jingle happened.

I would have regarded that join in for Rally comment as a spam if I had not read about Blog Rallys at Timethief’s site. She had even wished me luck when I commented at her site thanking her for sharing that post. I am yet to figure out how many people’s blessing went in whereby I write about my thoughts and readers from all over the world come reading and appreciating it and even identifying some part themselves in me.

My learning time has begun.

Attending an academic school isn’t enough. Neither is leading one’s own life. All of us do atleast the latter one if not the two of those. So how do I stand a chance to be any different? I am in no rush for establishing any tangible relationship, which is so governed by our selfish motives- is what is different about me. You may call me maverick- the sensible ones, tangled into more than one relationships- do! Ever since I have started to write, I have as if sat in yet another primary school.

  • Writing ethics.
  • Proper vocabulary.
  • Replying to comments ethics.
  • Being polite to everyone- including the ones who start offending right from the 1st alphabet (of their comment)
  • Then again, saying “No” in a really beautiful way that they fall in love with your way of saying so..

And also,

  • Discovering a beautiful world that this blogosphere is.. it is really and an unending one at that!
  • Making like- minded friends.
  • Reading even more wonderful posts.
  • Learning about different cultures, traditions and practices.
  • Getting enough crappy sites (read writers with amateurish wish to write and with absolutely no clarity of their ideas, views or even the language) to gossip about – yeah, go ahead kill me 😉 (Note; anyone wants any example- shoot an email, I’ll send you the link)

It becomes an addiction or an obsession even before you realize!

I always get to recognize the passionate ones from the “wannabe-s”. It sure way is more fun than one can express in a post made up of words when we are talking in terms of emotions, satiation and bliss. Then again, words is all I have here.

Then why is it that I am not writing enough?

Lethargy? Complacence? Lack of interest? None really! Maybe, I only stepped back to enjoy how things are right now! Instead of just running down to reach there; I am walking a few lazy steps so I enjoy the roadside serenes, savor the beauty and appreciate each and every frame that I earned through 10 months of blogging. On days when I receive a fat comment about how a new blog friend is able to relate to my thoughts; I actually sit back and grin like a fool!

How I loved glitters!

My friends often laughed at me. My boy- friends never understood why I loved glitter cards.. 🙂 I somehow knew that that was a major part of me; i.e. it’s going to stay beyond teenage obsession. It has. Anyone who visits a couple of blog posts would know what I mean! On 2nd thoughts, did the creator of the glitter graphics know that there was this crazy sucker of this art lurking there?

I feel my resting phase is going to come to an end.

I better prepare well in advance.

  • To enjoy..
  • To rejoice..
  • To celebrate..

Love you all.. Wishing you a wonderful spring. Love is in the air!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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10 Responses to About Time..!

  1. Cheryl says:


    Not only was this honest and open but it is quite a bit of writing. You wrote from your heart and touched us all with a beautiful post. There is so much going on in your life (in all our lives) that you are just overloaded and so a little stuck. But even if you just write “I can’t think of what to write” write anyway. Trust me I know it’s rough and frustrating but then there are the other times when it’s easy and beautiful. That’s the place we’re trying to get back to.

    Lots of hugs my friend!

  2. Bodhirose says:

    Dearest Olivia, you have told us all right here of the astounding changes in your life in the last several months. Maybe your psyche needs a breather to process everything. Be kind to yourself–easy and relaxed. Your life is unfolding perfectly!
    Love, your friend,

    • Olivia says:

      aaaw- “dearest”..? Okay I am stuffed up with pampering that you just sent! You are right, I am absorbing the things that have so miraculously unfolded themselves within such a short span of time. Although I have written about all that in different posts; compiling them would result a novel in itself.. 🙂
      And boy, am I glad that you are my friend..?

      Love always xoxox

  3. timethief says:

    Hello Olivia,
    I’m so happy to hear you find what you need on my site. Best wishes with your blogging. 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you Titi Sweetheart,

      Your words just made my day.. It really matters when someone sends in sincere wishes like you just did!!
      Apologies, it took really long for me to thank you. If I had not found you and your site; I don’t think I would have been as pro as I am with blogging today.. 🙂
      Once again, thanks a very big bunch..

      God bless and take care..
      Sending Love n Hugs your way xoxox

  4. Scent of my heart says:

    That was very honest and thoughtful post Olivia. Keep the glitter dear, I personally think it suits you and shows your sweet side. And about writing … it will come, even talent and inspirations need their vacation … Good luck with everything and thank you for your kindness!

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Blaga B,

      Thank you for posting this warm one here! I had seriously started wondering what is ruling my day or my mind.. You are right. Maybe I too am on holidays.. 😛 Love you always xx

  5. booguloo says:

    Sometimes you just got to “pop the clutch”. Today was an excellent start.

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