Horror of horrors

It’s highly uncanny.

Isn’t it? Anytime I want to watch a movie on HBO or Star Movies, it turns out to be a horror watch! I mean, it’s always a haunted house, village or someone about to get possessed!

I am yet to figure out.

I have not yet found any reason why I always get to know the story? It seems to be unfolding itself right before my eyes. Although Matrix or Minority Report weren’t any horror movies; but the story was already told in my head. Ask my then current Manager Sanjana (in Vodaphone), how she had hated me for constantly talking about the movie. She had declared that I had already watched the movie and had on purpose sat next to her to avenge all her dictation. Well, no boasting but she was good to me- maybe because I was good at work.. 😀

I am fascinated to Occult.

Studying about the Paranormal subjects and their occurring; is just what I could do the whole of my “left-over” Life. People around me have witnessed how well I have been able to assess dreams and minds- just by listening about it over the phone. My intuitions have never ever been proven wrong. My dreams are often pre- cognitive and as if communicating with me. It’s highly rare that I dream of those random images which are only a result of how bizarre my day had been.

I live in that unknown dimension.

How else would you explain the strength of my will power? I have made those miracles happen as many times as I have wanted one to happen. All I need is to focus really hard. A few things have taken some long years before materializing, maybe it took time to pull the things back into my sphere; as in maybe they were meant to be completely lost- infact I almost had. The other set of things happened within a few months or days. A few had happened even before you could blink after I had made a mention of the same.

My mom often talks to me.

Anytime I have wished to discuss my problems with her- about the ones those may have squashed me hard; I have had hallucination like phenomenon occurred to me. She would look like how she used to be when I was a kid. She barely looks like any human- I mean that aura and brilliance can not be achieved even if one goes on a diet of consuming solid diamonds and other gem stones! Dreams of her are somewhat different- I visualize her as the same nagging and ignorant woman as she was; i.e., before we became friends.

Mom’s Blessings for the New Year
My Dida’s Blessings

My dreams show me the way.

The images I see in my dreams, when I am asleep often turn out to be the pre- cognitive spells. I have been able to predict some of the major changes in my Life well in advance. I could prepare myself mentally so well as if I already knew of its coming!


Precognition violates the principle that an effect cannot occur before its cause. I just happen to read this while reading the wiki definition of precognition. I had only wanted to write about how occult influences and impresses upon my state of being; I have struck into a huge sphere of reasonings and theories, giving way to numerous possibilities. Some of which have not been recognized by science yet.

Let me research a bit before I post across my findings.


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5 Responses to Horror of horrors

  1. Bodhirose says:

    It’s true many things have not been proven by science. You are blessed with a heightened ability of your sixth sense. Didn’t Yoganandaji talk about these things in his autobiography. Really it’s perfectly natural isn’t it.

    I agree with Jingle–she is so wise. 🙂
    With love,
    Gayle xoxo

  2. soulbro* says:

    Something happened in your past life that draws you to these things of horror…do a Vipassana meditation and see within your gut there maybe a blockage you are skirting an issue with…this is my impression about the horror films..and because of your fascination in the occult it is the other side that seems to be drawing you with this horror…could even be a message to have you let go of something and you do not wish to as this is your blockage…hope this helps dearest Love….for the meantime just enjoy by going through the motions and possibly it will reveal itself in doing that(+)
    Dom* 😉 xoxoxo—{–@

    • Olivia says:

      Aaw Dom,

      This is so sweet of you.. That’s right, fascination to occult and avoiding horror movies- they don’t go hand in hand.. I’m letting time unfold the secrets for me. I am definitely carrying on with my research to see what all I can understand and if there are more things to be understood by us..

      Thank you so much for stopping by and telling me about the connection..
      Love always xoxoxox

  3. Jingle says:

    you are blessed, dear.

    keep following the path pointed out 4 you via various avenues, and enjoy your life …

    Happy Wednesday.

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