All that Glitters

Someone takes a handful of sand and produces a glass out of it.

A reflective coating is then applied and a mirror is obtained. We look into one, appreciating our own reflection; feeling good about it!

Obstacles polish you to become perfect.

To produce a beautiful, admirable object, the raw material has to be put through lot of tension process. A diamond takes millions of years decaying and then a strenuous cutting process to be sold with an expensive; almost un-affordable price- tag! A glass is produced only after the silica sand is blasted in the furnace. A metal shines only after it’s been extracted from the ore (read: another set of grueling steps of metallurgy process) and then molten to set in some particular shape.

Simple example: Stroke it or strike it to smoothen the rough edges.

Did you notice the “striking” feature?

All things that undergo violent procedures, begin to shine- becoming reflective even! They all have a smooth surface, icy- cold corners- enough to peel the flesh off the bones and finishes often alluring the onlooker.

Our face reflects it all.

The most amusing part is that we have various cosmetic applications that can and do make us look better. Boy, are there any easy steps to look pretty? Whatever the process maybe; our desire to look beautiful is very basic. Like all the other elements occurring in Nature; we too wish to attain a state of becoming a glow worm. Try to look at the people who have undergone hardships and are not arrogant about it. Their faces have a radiance that no salon treatment can ever bring on someone else’s face.

Rise and Shine..

  • Night sky- the star twinkles!
  • Jewelery made of metal with stones embedded flash when light falls on it!
  • The embellishments or sequins on the designer dress!
  • Satin, velvet, silk..
  • Light sources when watched over from a distance glows and twinkles!
  • The Sun shines!
  • The Moon to shines in silvern color!
  • The Sun’s reflection blings!
  • Clear water shines!
  • Studded and embellished accessories..!
  • Pearl too reflects and shines!


  • Our urge to look better has nothing to do with cosmetology. It is highly elemental in its existence and origin.
  • Almost all the naturally occurring elements have a tendency to shine after being subjected to vigorous treatment.
  • So called all “lifeless” objects shine, glitter and bling.

So anyone who has taken it all in her stride, is bound to shine and be reflective!

Producing a mirror image is not at all a simple task. The object would have to hold all its properties to itself while producing a reflective image of the other one on its plane. Although it maybe a mirror, but till the time you are glaring at it; it shows your reflection on its surface- as though it were you! The one looking at his/her image may not appreciate his/her image- that’s just one of the reasons why the learned ones have barely any relationships happening around them. People get scared looking at their mirror images in them.

Break it in as many pieces- it will never lose its quality to reflect and shine!


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  1. Jingle says:

    love all these glitterings…

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