Universal Law of Existence

The law of cause and effect says: “The cause must be prior to the effect” as one of the principle pointers.

In simple words; my finger can’t appear hurt before it is actually or physically hurt! This is where I tried to do a bit research with the Science theories and other laws. Precognition violates the same principle as stated above that an effect cannot occur before its cause and hence, there’s a lot of ambiguity over the phenomenon.

It seems; while deciding upon this particular theory, the law of Probability and Permutation and Combination has been overlooked.

Also, there could be Reversed Law of cause and effect as well. Like we drink water so we don’t get dehydrated. We follow rules so we don’t get booked under the Law. If I shop for enough groceries, I won’t have to spend my weekend buying those. A lot of effects can be avoided if we handle the cause well in time. Am I not predicting the effects of my action here?

A Law necessarily doesn’t talk about the effect alone.

Infact, if you study about any law deeply, you’ll also get to learn about its origin and also if there’s any room for other possibilities. A law is only an indication and not the judgement! If at all the “judgements” could be predicted in advance of time, even with certain amount of precision percentage, wouldn’t all of us subscribe to it? Keeping in mind the “suggestions”, we need to broaden the horizon our thoughts. That’s precisely why it’s called horizon. It’s an unending stretch of probabilities and possibilities.

All Occult related Sciences would cease to effect.

If we were to go by this law whereby it says that an effect can only happen after the cause has taken place; all sciences based on occult calculations would have to go. Predictions based on pre- calculations, as we do in Astrology, Palmistry and even Astronomy would have to be all put away. If certain lines on my palm can tell me that my marriage won’t be successful, no matter what and that’s exactly how it happens; how would one stand to explain the logic of the occurrence?

Just how can a prediction be done so much in advance of its occurrence?

As I had suggested earlier as well; knowing about a few things wouldn’t make those factual and not knowing the others won’t erase their existence. That way, we will only limit our scope of knowledge and its understanding. Like the expanding universe and moving galaxies; the field and source of knowledge too is ever growing. If there are frequencies that are beyond our comprehension and worlds that we haven’t found out about yet; there maybe be bigger logics already existing for us, waiting only for us to uncover our blinders.

There could be multiple outcomes.

Such a phenomenon would only point out upon the existence of the principle of the Probability! It is upon us if we use our brains to only mug up what’s in the book or question and research further about the contents of that chapter.


  • Change is the only Constant,
  • There could be any many possibilities,
  • The use of the term “limit” has to be limited,
  • We have to go beyond what’s already established,
  • We would want to tap the untapped,
  • The use of certain “law” or “principle” is to seek guidance instead of being blindly guided by it,
  • If one or more or all of the stated above are sensibly understood,

There could be a probability or maybe a possibility if not many; that a few more Universal Laws may be established.

Anything and everything is possible.

  • The principle pointer being, not all objects are governed by the laws already discovered. Either they follow their own course of action, resulting in a completely different unknown outcome; or, the particular law has yet not been established.
  • There could be a mix of known and unknown facts in the same event or experiment; resulting in a phenomenon which is highly probable and equally unacceptable (as the case always is)

It’s about time that the 7 principles of Universal Cosmic Law be shuffled; welcoming amongst a few more pointers!

This particular law- “anything and everything is possible” may sound ambiguous since principally, Law is to Define; however, if we choose to stick to the definition, we will only miss out on a big opportunity to research and learn.

The choice made by you, would only reflect upon the development of your brain since the time we believed that the earth is a flat disc!

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8 Responses to Universal Law of Existence

  1. RIFKY’s law of Existance:
    Space = Matter x Energy x Time

  2. Some heavy-duty sorting and sifting going on. Good for you, dear one.

  3. dancingfreak says:

    yikes!! what’s up with the astroomy topic?? 😦

    but still interesting

  4. Jingle says:

    intelligent post.

    Thanks for sharing…nobody knows everything.

  5. Artswebshow says:

    This resonates with me.
    I always say that there are no rules or laws in art.
    Everything must be questioned. lol

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