Another Froggy Tale!

For a few days now, all I have been thinking about is pigeons, canines and frogs. While I have shared some of my pigeonic stories and a doggy tail errr… I mean a “tale” already; a frog has been jumping high n low in my mind to hop around here in a post. This story has a frog as the central character, you can side- track me, although I also feature in it. So technically, we have a princess in it and we anyways have the frog prince scaring.. I mean starring as the main lead.

As all the scary.. darn! I mean fairy tales begin with “once upon a time..”; I would say.. This was when I had shifted my home from Delhi to Gurgaon way back in December of 2007. So this is a t-h-r-e-e years old tale. I told you I am in there too- so it is a fairy tale.. 🙂

The place I had shifted to was a corner plot house, surrounded by huge gardens on all the three sides. The 1st night (of my stay) was one of its kind. The neighboring peacocks had decided to raid the gardens right at 2am screeching and braying for the next 2 hours. It was only a little short of a nightmare. Maybe they were happy to see me around and that was how they could sing their welcome songs.

Appreciated! I mean, it was way beyond getting annoyed.

Seems, the other day The Devil took a break from his work and had entered my mind. Remember, empty minds are devil’s workshop? So while he was working around in my mind, a thought had cropped up. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had some small little frogs hopping all over my house? I’ll string tinkle bells around their neck and they’ll keep moving around making music..!” I am yet to figure out about the strength of that thought because it apparently seemed to have been heard by one of the frogs.

I keep getting up for my washroom visits or to sip water in between my sleep. It’s a rarity when I don’t wake up during the night. Surprisingly, if I sleep in daytime, it’s a sound sleep. So on that fateful night, I happen to visit my restroom, when it seemed something different. I don’t put on the lights. Infact, I am pretty comfortable and used to moving around in dark. I am a perfect “wandering soul”.

Something seemed to be watching me sat on the white floor tile. It didn’t seem like the bug I don’t like since it was somewhat dusty and unusual in shape. I dismissed having seen that image thinking it to be a fragment of imagination. That’s it, no sooner I had dismissed it, that inner voice had shaken me up sending me back to the washroom; this time I had switched on the lights.

What do we have here?

A small froggy- pie jumping up and down in delight to have been discovered. Not knowing of anything much, I had slammed shut the door and cozied myself on my bed. The little amphibian had taken all the effort to sneak out through the gap between the washroom door and floor. Not only that, it had taken a round tour around my room, making everything make crumpling noises.

I had asked for it.

After moving around for a while, as if to question me, it had sat looking at me. With all my might, I had prayed that it slides inside the corner most drawer since it had some space in it at the back and if tilted, it would be completely jammed! That way, the prince charming could sit there till morning without feeling strangled.

Almost as if reading my mind; it had taken a big leap, stretching its hind legs it had stepped inside. It had crawled inside the side of the drawer that was atleast 6″ above the floor level. He was nice enough to have chosen that particular drawer amongst the 5 of those in a row. What then, I had tilted the drawer to lock it inside till morning.

No, I didn’t kiss him.

In the morning, it was released in the garden with all the due respect. It still remains a mystery which way it had entered my room since I used to keep everything tightly closed, all door gaps sealed. As I write about him, I feel he must be feeling elated wherever he maybe. He didn’t scare me, mess around or even bother. Fulfilling my wish that I wanted a few of those moving around in my house; it had quietly sat inside that drawer waiting patiently for me to open it in the morning and release the being. It had made no noise to wake me up. He was darn adjusting, keeping still and quiet till I had released it.

This is how I had ended up spending my night with my “frog prince”!

I am an animal lover. I am a nature lover. I have spent my night with other than men..

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18 Responses to Another Froggy Tale!

  1. Cute! I especially enjoyed the shimmering frog!

  2. Meryl Jaffe says:

    This was so creatively written. Tongue in cheek and all. Thanks. Great post.

  3. I wonder what would have happened if you’d kissed him. Lip warts? This is truly whimsical and sweet.

  4. Ellie says:

    My MIL is terrified of frogs. Your post would make her run screaming from the computer!

    I on the other hand, love it.

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you Ellie! I guess all of us have our own little “terrifying” secrets..! Keeping in mind I didn’t post a real frog’s pic.. hahaha
      Hugs xx

  5. Scent of my heart says:

    Nice story Liv. Had a laugh or a two, you’re funny my dear. Loved the images in the post!

  6. Artswebshow says:

    Lol, i dont blame you for not kissing the frog.
    I wouldn’t, great story here Olivia

  7. Jingle says:

    your blog is very exciting and dynamic to visit…

    wow, creative writing..

  8. Here in the desert in just a few weeks the frogs will abound and begin their night-time mating calls. I have a thing for frogs. They make me smile, they symbolize a lot in American Indian lore and I love their croaking sounds. See you at potluck, Olivia.

    • Olivia says:

      It seems I too have a thing for these hopping amphibians!

      Their croaking makes me feel at peace- lolss Reminds me of how it used to be childhood without the pollution, vehicle noise and time to enjoy some 🙂

      Smiles xx

  9. Olivia, this is as charming a story as its author. I enjoyed it … and do believe in spending nights with other than men … if only for a break. Besides the only ones who love us unconditionally are our mothers and our dogs. Love the last illustration. The story of MY life.

    Have a great day. See you at Potluck.

    Hugs! xoxox

    • Olivia says:

      LOLs Jamie!
      You sure know how to make me smile 🙂

      I agree with what you said about Love- true.. The story of your Life- aaw! You see that’s why I’m far from kissing ANYONE.. hahaha

      Love xxx

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