The Lemon Murderer

I have a record of maintaining my cool in the trickiest of the situations.

  • Including all the times I was attacked – both verbally and in action!

I have practiced to take deep breaths when the quake had struck this time. My palpitating heart had calmed down way before I had realized. So far, I have never rushed out- screaming- Earthquake! Instead I visit the washroom, change, check the locks (I have 6 verandas in this house), pick the keys, handbag, some “essentials” and my cell before walking down carefully.

  • Calculative?
  • Cunning?
  • Cool?

I haven’t done any fiction yet. But would want to.

I mean why not? Writing about something based purely upon mindly imagination, whereby you take the seat of a narrator; isn’t that like becoming demi- God? The words you write would play upto your mood and appear in the exact sequence to spell a consequence or a stance?

It’s been about a 10 days now I have been thinking of trying my hand- writing one.

It won’t be a fairy tale for sure. Although the image hints at a Devil’s story.

A demon ready to gorge on his newly acquired victim. He seems to be a cultured one since he would use a fork to skin the flesh. He definitely seems to be health conscious too, since he would add some lemon juice on his “preyed” meal.

Ignore those stains, he is a demon after all, doesn’t matter if he has smeared  it all over. Some was smudged over my camera too while doing that image..

I guess I already tried a fairy tale version. For happy endings, this demon always killed the bad guy. Thus he was everyone’s friend..

No, I don’t look at it that way. It doesn’t appeal to me. It would have to be either a science fiction or may be thrilling murder mystery. There, I said it.

I have fantasized enough about how a murder be committed and in a fool proof way; in a way that absolutely no evidence is left to reach out to me.

Was I loud?

If you don’t get involved too emotionally in the act, there’s a certain technicality related to it. A perfect murder would be when the suspect leaves no clues, resulting in an utter- confusion; whereby, guessing about “who may be” proves out to be walking in the woods on a no moon light. Yeah, I say no moon; because the new moon is the next day.

If you haven’t yet figured out, I am talking about escaping the charges after the act has been committed. Just so many times I have woven a story in my mind wherein the victim flees away after “freeing” herself.

Deep down my heart, I feel it’s justified.

I feel highly vindicated if dominated. In a way, I feel she is violated. So in my fiction, it has to be a lady calling the shots. You guessed it, I plan to write about cold blooded murders.

  • Kill n disappear!
  • Leaving no evidences behind.
  • Instead, if the time permits, also burrowing through his assets.
  • And walking out in the most composed gait.
  • When home, never ever think about what had happened.

If the “criminal” was cruel enough to have napped a woman trying to whatever; I feel he needs to be annihilated. In such a mysterious manner that certain anonymity prevails about the whole instance. I feel restful within after weaving the calm disposition of her exit.

I feel completely aimless after having thought of such a “story”.

As if that’s all that was required to be done. One isolated case of a brutal murder with no facts to build up any case. This may be my dark side. Or the bloody side. Or this exactly may be the Me.

On a lighter note: A lemon feels murdered if the lemonade is not perfected.

Wait, The book if I get to write one (based upon these murderly kills) would be named as “The Lemon Murderer” after her being a smooth operator and also suggesting that she is a woman. The character would stab the “criminals” with her iron fork and celebrate her victory with a bowl full of sprouts salad (as I am now) which can only be perfected with a dash of lemon juice! And no, she won’t leave any behind for a mark- Thanks!

On a serious note: first it was a pitch fork, now a murderer’s fork, where is it going?

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13 Responses to The Lemon Murderer

  1. Tess Kincaid says:

    “A lemon feels murdered if the lemonade is not perfected.” Interesting thoughts, here. Great Magpie!

  2. joanny says:

    You are a weaver of great tales, my dear…. go for it….
    It was interesting on how your story had this lyrical staccato beat to it, a roller coaster ride, one minute there was lemonade and the next well, a jolly good old fashion perfect murder was conjured up.
    Actually, I know your wrote this to the magpie tales photo prompt, never-the-less, you had a really great idea.


    • Olivia says:


      Thanks Joanny for your absolutely lovely words- I am gloating already!
      hehehe.. I had so many things popping all together at the same time and they all screamed to be typed here 😀

      sending you love

  3. Artswebshow says:

    A novel is a huge undertaking.
    I haven’t dared to take one on yet but i have written some screenplays and they are difficult enough. lol
    You should definitely try doing one.
    Even if only to say you have done it.

    • Olivia says:

      u bet K!
      After it’s written looking for a publisher is even worse 😦
      I may have couple of things ready but for the want of a publisher..!

      Screenplays? That’s a great job- all impressed 🙂

  4. moondustwriter says:

    Oh I would follow the lemon murderess gladly on her trek …
    ooo la la

    thanks for your visit sweetie

  5. cloudia says:

    what an interesting blog! Thank YOU for finding mine. You are ALWAYS welcome 🙂

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  6. lolamouse says:

    I love the way your mind works! Take me with you on your vindictive ride!

  7. Kavita says:

    Oooohh…chilling!! And here, I really hope I am in your good books, Olivia! 🙂 Cuz I don’t want no lemon juice sprinkled over my silken skin (or should I say “rotting flesh”?).. Either ways, it’s me 🙂

    Umm.. when your book’s out (and I’ll pray it happens soon), please lemme know.. I am a sucker for suspense stories! 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Kavsie Dear,
      I approve this comment without any guilt- you know what I mean- that’s “our” lingo.. 😀
      Oh well! I am now getting ideas to write those pre- meditated sequences- somebody help- my mind’s at work.. lolss

      Even without those smileys (winkie), you are in my good books….errr…. blog.. hahaha
      Love xx

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