Reading it the correct way!

Behind every successful man, there’s a women.. slogging her a*se off!

I know most of you may not have heard about this version. I am almost as certain of the fact that you know this ugly truth for sure; just would never admit that you do.

As a little girl, I have witnessed how my mom scratched away her career opportunities to make my Uncle, what he is today. It was only after my uncle’s entry in her marital home that she earned respite from the physical abuse. Oh well! My dad was a man too! In greed to escape the physical tortures, she had made my uncle stay with them.

What started with sharing a square meal and house, ended up with I sacrificing my home when I was 17! Dad had abandoned us way back when I was 12. We survived only on uncle’s mercy. Mom was incapacitated when she was only 30! Thanks to dad’s lack of foresight or maybe that was his good intentions; wanting my mom to remain as “woman”, when her uterus was damaged in an operation. If only he had let the doctors remove the tattered baggage; she would have been alive. I haven’t been able to figure out yet; why had the doctors let my dad play the paragon? Mom was left being so much of a woman that apparently he had walked out on her.

Mom had conceived despite all the warnings against it. That had resulted in a mis- carriage and that most erroneous operation- changing my attitude completely against bearing a child.

I now lead a life of an illegal orphan. That’s not a play of words; but my real introduction of the life I have been forced to lead. My dad is alive- so far and thinks as he stated that he has suffered more than anyone else. I am sure he didn’t have to sleep with men (women in his case) to sustain himself.. or take physical abuse in name of being a dedicated wife (husband as the case is). Or even subject himself to all abuse possible in name of being in a relationship, to complete his basic education!

To hell with all the men I have interacted with so far. That includes all the b*stards wanting to have a good time with me- in name of whatever lame words they used! If only some one can make them understand that working in the same office, exchanging pleasantries often; does not make them friends. They act pissed when I refuse to meet! My putting up pics in my social networking profile is to maintain my album; and not for any invites whatsoever. Then again, I have mentioned my social status as well in there- is there anyone who is willing to adopt me?

I have colored my hair blonde and perhaps may also be a b*tch- but they are no saint to be wanting to sleep with me!

So much so for always saying it politely. Try and look into it, even in a phrase; men are being heightened. She gives up her own identity to create a successful story of a daughter, wife, mother and any relationship that you can think of.

Only then a woman carves a place for herself in some demon’s heart- if he has one and if she is lucky, then in HIStory too!

It’s time we know the actual version of the phrase. This is how it goes-

Behind any downtrodden woman, there’s a man screwing her behind!

P.S.- What is it with celebrating Women’s Day today? Out of all the 364 days of torture we are made to undergo, almost as a *lick*, we are given a day to celebrate? Do we really have a reason to?

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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25 Responses to Reading it the correct way!

  1. The word ‘brave’ is more appropriate for you than me… Until today, I never and was able to truly share.. Illegal orphan… that’s the name I was searching for and now here, I finally know what I am…

    Your sharing is raw, filled with nothing but reality.. Yes, I agree with you more than in any ways that you can imagine.. and yes, my dear, thanks for inviting me.. You gave me a name and led me to know more about you..

    • Olivia says:

      It takes one to know one. You are as much brave as I may be!

      Even those few words wherein I read much beyond than those written, you have exampled of how much you can handle and take it in your stride.. I have seen people who have taken more trauma than I have. Yet I feel it’s people who have seen it when young and handled all by themselves that I should regard.

      I have known some funny people who think they have seen it all because of the troubles they under went while wanting to settle down with a guy of their choice, without any monetary support. Still cribbing hoarse about how useless the fellow is after getting wedded to him!!!

      My Dear, you are very special! That’s exactly why I shared this with you leaving the links at your site 🙂
      Together, we will sail across declaring of our unclaimed victory that we have already achieved.

      Hope n Hugs xoxoxoxox

  2. Ms. Peaches says:

    I feel every energy that exist in this amazingly powerful piece you’ve written and shared with the blog world! wow so candid and raw thank you for sharing!

  3. Bodhirose says:

    I am passing The Versatile Blogger Award onto you. I hope you will accept. I have enjoyed your meaningful writings.

  4. Karen says:

    Olivia – I’m so fiercely proud of you for saying the words that might not be easy to say or easy for us to hear but must be said. You are speaking your truth and standing firmly on your own too feet, no help needed! That is a powerful place.

    I’m honored to be trusted enough to read your words and share in your process of working through your pain.

    I add my hugs across the miles. Your light shines bright.

    • Olivia says:

      I am just so honored to have you around Karen! I mean it 🙂

      Not many read it in the manner it is required to- nor do they appreciate me (or anyone else for that matter) writing it down- much less blog it around!
      That said, I haven’t yet lost my voice.. 🙂

      Thank you for our lovely words. It’s women like you who make it a better place to live on!
      Hugs right back at you

  5. lunawitch15 says:

    I love your stuff and I have nominated you for the versitile blogger award.
    I hope you accept!

  6. Olivia says:

    Thank you for your kind words- means a lot, esp when sad.. oh yeah! I have been sulking.. 😦
    I like reading your witty approach- 🙂


  7. kolembo says:

    Oh scream it honey! From the roof-tops! You’re a strong feisty thing…just remember that you can be fragile too, and love will find you – you must say yes.

    Behind any downtrodden woman, there’s a man screwing her behind!


  8. Artswebshow says:

    Truly sorry to read about this, it must have been very difficult.
    Though i confess, i don’t agree with your statements here.
    I truly believe that such men are few and far between.
    I like to believe i treat women with respect and compassion.
    I’m certainly not screwing their behinds.
    I’m sure you didn’t mean it to offend but reading the statement did honestly get my back up a little bit.

    • Olivia says:

      Yup Dear One.. this was no generic statement about all men..
      It was only about the ones I have met! I know there’s a mix of both good n not so good everywhere. I only painted a picture of the ones I interacted with..

      This one I wrote was with completely different mind- so have included the far mellowed version at the bottom of the post! No offence meant- only hurt expressed.
      I am glad I have you here 🙂

      Smiles xxx

  9. Luke Prater says:

    my god that is one hell of a tale. Sorry to read it. I hope you manage to heal some personal wounds in adulthood?

    Luke x

    • Olivia says:

      Thanks Luke- I had almost.. till it was all scratched back..
      The memories do haunt me! My overall attitude towards life is different- but yes! I am that rare breed now who is far more compassionate than the most of us 🙂

      Hugs xxx

  10. Thank you Liv, just checking if the comment from Broken Sparkles will go through …

  11. G-Man says:

    What a sad story.
    What a Brave woman!
    You have risen above all the pain and have become
    a fantastic human being.
    Not all men are creepy and users.
    You will find a love someday

  12. Sam373 says:

    Kindred Spirit, You are a part of Me. I Love you, as I love myself. No room for pity. You are strong because of your experiences. The respect most refuse to give, you’ve earn by standing your ground. Don’t hate, just be strong, knowledgeable and wise. Even if it makes your middle name BITCH. I will love you. As I have died for you, I now live for you. I respect the price you’ve paid. I honor you and value that often lonely stance you take in me for you complete me. And if you must fight, I will be your side, I will be your right eye and ear. You my wheeled me like a sword. I will be your strength as you are my eternity. You are a WO-man. TOO bad so may of us aren’t Man!:-(

  13. Bodhirose says:

    I’m deeply sorry to hear of your pain and sorrow connected to your father’s inhumane actions and how it affected you and your mother. I too wondered why the decision was your father’s to make regarding your mother’s operation. Perhaps that is what he demanded and she went along with it. What a tragedy.

    I don’t wonder about why you feel the way you do–I understand it perfectly. Please know I wish you peace and happiness always. You are so deserving, Olivia.

    I hold you lovingly in my heart and request all saints and sages everywhere to bless you abundantly.

    With lots of love and hugs,

    • Olivia says:

      Gayle Dear,
      I was about to log off when I felt I should check comments.

      I so yearned for some hugs- but didn’t know where to ask from. I know my words here reflect me as a vulnerable one- but that’s exactly how I felt. It’s no less than a miracle that I read your comforting words; making me teary eyed again. It’s been over 12 hours, I have been crying n sobbing.

      I am indeed the chosen one to undergo phase after one and still be courageous enough to find my way out! I am blessed to have you.. Once again the telepathy thing clicked here! I wanted someone to comfort me- without my asking for it..

      Regards n Love

      • Bodhirose says:

        Dearest friend,
        Do you realize how brave you are to allow yourself to feel this vulnerable and share it with us all? You are. You have not chosen to cover up your feelings and paint a picture that everything is “rosy” in your life. This is such a good way to forge ahead with yourself after you acknowledge the pain and give it a voice through your writings.

        I wish I could be there to wrap my arms around you and give you a tight, loving hug–but this is the best I can do until I can hone my astral travel skills!

        Apparently, I am the chosen one too–to offer you some comfort without you asking. I am so blessed…

        Love and hugs…

        • Olivia says:

          Gayle Dearest,

          Your words are no less than any hug.. I have been sulking yesterday too! It’s like off n on 😦

          Thank you so much for comforting me- it works a huge deal..

          Hugs right back at you

  14. lolamouse says:

    Wow, I am stunned and disturbed to read about your childhood and your poor mother. It sounds like you have a lot of anger and hurt inside you, understandably. It’s good that you have the outlet of writing to express your feelings and to link up with like-minded people. Please know that not all men are the pigs that you have experienced. There are a few good ones out there. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I truly enjoy reading your work as well.

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