Now Bald n still Beautiful!

That’s right. After being goldy locks, I am now baldy looks.

I didn’t think I would have to write this post… initially at least!

It isn’t a big deal… or is it?

After contemplating to do this for close to a year; it was the last couple of months when I wanted to do it really bald… err.. bad I mean! I knew the comments and reactions would come flooding. I was more than prepared to hear those. So much so that I wondered if someone didn’t react!

I am beginning to grow tired of replying to “why”. I know that’s to understand the logic.. but is that illogical to begin with?

For several nights together; I talked to my face to let the moving strands stroll for a couple of nights more. I found it just so irritating to get my cheeks sweeped by those loose short strands while tossing in my sleep. I used a hand towel (maintained separately) to cover my head to keep the flying hairies away! It indeed is one helluva experience to toss around all over the bed without having to worry about tangling the hair or get some naughty ones to jump up my face. Needless to mention, disorder upsets me.

Summers make me feel as though being cooked inside a broiler. Spend 2 minutes in the kitchen and you become a dried and soggy cabbage. Just about yesterday, I cooked for close to an hour with all the 4 burners aflamed, stepping out without a single trickle of sweat. I noticed; my bald head was smiling big. So was I.

I can now shower up as many times as I want to with as many head washes thrown in. My tonsil glands get agitated if I were to wash my head everyday- even in summers. Thankfully, they have hibernated when the scissors called “snips” on my hair.

On a serious note: My hair was pretty light around my forehead. If tied back, they would behave as individual tufts. I was scared when I noticed the bald patches on my head. They have been ruling my hair since ever! The good news is, as I am watching my hair grow back, I don’t see any empty patches or lines. Fine strands have become healthier. They are soft and brown still; but that fineness (almost limp) has gone. I often joked about promoting conditioners. Even if my hair was to be washed in sea water using the harshest of the detergents; it would touch smooth and comb straight like silk thread. I could actually do with some curls and real tight ones at that.

The day I was to cut them; it seemed they were all ready in unison.

I didn’t need to detangle even though I had washed the hair the night before. I ran my fingers and they had traveled down without jerks. They not only had become bouncy after being treated with Olive Oil for two months; but had also grown long too. This act is again quite repetitive of my previous transitional phases. I have cut my hair short twice before this. Both of the times I was emerging out of a transition. I wouldn’t know if my soul yearns for a fresh crop every time! The co- incidence is bit too much to ignore. Why am I not surprised!

For everyone else chasing me with a “why”; I haven’t committed any murder.

For crying out loud, these are some dead protein tissues which ask for really expensive maintenance when eventually they will turn grey and fall out. If you know me; then it’s not because of my hair but because of who I am. If you say hair is a part of my personality; I say- here’s a part of my personality! C’mon, my clips n clutchers would be back in business- should I wish to grow them again (aren’t you pleased to know?) As of now, I don’t wish to! I already have a few hairdos lined up in my mind- complete with hair color n the works.

If it still doesn’t make any sense; then blame it on my mother.

Ever since she’s left me; I have been acting as per her wishes. I had definitely wanted to sashay around in long hair; but now have lost all the charm. Reasons- one too many. It’s been over 3 years now that I am locked up at my house, absolutely no place to flaunt my hair or looks at. Let’s say I have moved on. The blog friends I have today are because of what I write (however crappy it maybe); and not because of my doll like blonde hair. My real life friends who know me up close would anyways be able to relate to it.

There’s absolutely no reason why I did it! I wanted to; I have.

I am anyways a free- spirited woman. Completely liberated- this is only the outer aspect that’s showing.

  • We weren’t born with long hair.
  • There’s a reason why tonsuring is practiced.
  • If nails are a dead tissue, so is hair.
  • Ain’t the woolly mammoth extinct?

If I could survive on my own since my teens all by myself; I would survive with a bald head too. Really! Why can’t someone go and ask my estranged dad a “why”? The same bunch of people who wanted to make peace with whatever dad has done to me and my mom, are the ones who are screaming why!

Look around- bald is beautiful and so am I. The amount I’ll save upon the healthy upkeep of these strands, will be a waste anyway; I’ll do some charity instead. The time it takes to comb and shine and blah.. is just not worth! I do have many and better things to keep myself occupied with. Let me make room for my hobbies and passion.

Wait, WHY do I have to have or give a reason for everything? Can’t something be spontaneous?


It’s only a few tufts of hair that I pulled off my own head. I haven’t sucked the life out of anyone’s heart. No one ever wanted to know how I survived each time I was thrown out of my home. How come some keratin mammalian cognition become so important over than being a human?


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4 Responses to Now Bald n still Beautiful!

  1. Olivia – you ROCK!! I was laughing out loud at this post and the wonderful way you write. I think it’s awesome that you have taken this liberating step.

    The only down-side, I imagine, is if you were to keep it bald, would you not have to keep shaving it? Having said that, even THAT would be less work than maintaining a full head of hair.

    You are a beautiful girl, with or without hair so keep on rocking!

    Mwah! Chloe xx

    • Olivia says:

      Hey Chloe!!

      I am lucky to have yet another beautiful one such as you with me here.. I am loving how liberating it feels. I mean I am becoming greedy now. I don’t want to grow my hair ever; quite contrary to how Indians are. All through my growing up years my mom had cut my hair to boy cut.. she always sang the short hair= more time n more style anthem.

      I did cut my hair short twice before this.. but this was like awesome man!
      With summer scorching the land down; this couldn’t be any more rewarding. Yes, maintaining no hair or short hair is way to easier than maintaining long hair. It’s a waste of time.

      I know many women would hate me for saying this- but one must try this atleast once in her lifetime. It changes the whole lifestyle..
      Many many lovies to you too.. mwaaaaaaahhhzzzzz xoxox

  2. Bodhirose says:

    No one has to have an explanation as to your actions. If you want to share reasons, fine, and if you don’t, that’ s OK too. I did have a friend on FB ask me if you had cancer though! Many times if you see a bald woman–people assume she has had chemotherapy for illness. I set him straight.

    I feel happy for you because you’re so happy with your decision. Yay for you!!

    Lots of love and freedom forever,
    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Really, I am ready to an extent that if some one bothers (neighbors) I’ll kill one of my (so called- already dead for good) family! Although dad is alive..

      I mean, why bothering me man? So what about being a bald… grrrrr!! There are few things done without any reason just for pleasure or may be too many reasons. If you know me well, you would know the reason/s any ways’ if you don’t then you are not close enough. And if someone can’t take a guess and only thing that pops up in his/her mind is “why” well then he/she is dispensable..

      lolsss! Rose, don’t.. poor fella! You set him straight hunh? lolsss
      That’s so sweet of you- Thank you! Infact after watching my ex’s mother suffereing (still alive) and her sister dieing of the condition; I had become really paranoid. I would go nowhere near the word.. Thanks to Frayedges/Lisa; after reading whose blog I am now back to being normal. My condition was diagnosed as Mystalgia!

      Thank you again for being there for me.. 🙂 I am blessed indeed! Most of my friends and school classmates have liked what I have done with my crop.. hahaha
      Freedom..? wow!! Complete freedom. I feel so messed up if my hair wouldn’t behave. Most of the times it didn’t. Obviously you don’t wash n style everyday.. In summers, no sooner you wash, it gets greasy within a few seconds. Not anymore………………….. Did I say, it’s almost orgasmic…………………….???

      Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxox 😆

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