Towards the end of a stale phase

I feel the transition phase is towards its end now.

I am all perched up anxiously to watch out for the changes that are to strike me. Each time I am in a transition; both my dwelling place and work place goes for a huge turn around. This time around, I have been able to save my home at least. Work is definitely changing. Although the present set- up is more or less the same (giving me a cushion of familiarity); it’s moving more towards the area of my interest and passion. Towards writing!

A few changes have already happened meanwhile.

I have swapped the couch with the box bed. I have spent some 3 good years resting my bottom on that couch while watching soaps n movies. Though not as big a change; I now act lazy, sprawling all over the low- height bed while watching the 2 daily soaps of half hour each at an interval of 1/1-2 hours between the two. My bedroom setting too has changed. I have pulled over the Computer table inside the bedroom. As of now it sits where my bed used to be. Once I get the long wire for USB connection; I would move it back to the other wall.

These small changes are pointing towards the end of this transition resulting in some major changes.

  • The Computer now lives in my room. I don’t go to the “office room” to work anymore or even for blogging.
  • My usual sitting n sleeping place has changed.
  • Work pattern too is changing now focusing more towards office/writing work instead of meeting clerical requirements.
  • My eating habits too have changed now. Fruits, sprouts n sugarless coffees rule my day. I have managed to bid adieu to a few inches; thanks to my changed lifestyle.
  • I am more restful within myself after having come to terms with the veracities around me. I had known about this since the beginning. It was a huge blow to have realized that the initial apprehensions are what I have actually lived in till now, since the very beginning and perhaps may even result in the failure that was calculated under risk.

I have begun to have a life at last.

Those socialization since last summer had started to spin it- didn’t realize it till I sat down to cry in the winters of 2010. I am trying to remain as cheerful as I used to be and am. That smile that had disappeared when I had turned into a recluse had started to set back on my face as a giggle since last one year; only now I have a company to join in with me in my laghterscapade.


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Note: The images uploaded are how it was “before”

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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12 Responses to Towards the end of a stale phase

  1. meiro says:

    You have a very lovely house Olivia, I love the way you decorate it.

  2. Bodhirose says:

    Much success for you, Olivia, in all your phases and transitions of life. I’m happy I’ve been around to see some positive changes in you–even though only knowing each other a short time. I feel like in some ways we are soul sisters!

    Hugs… xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Quite likewise.. I feel so as well!
      Maybe our Karmas have made us live away so we learn to respect each others worth..

      Am I alright Gayle? For every simple thing I try to look for the Karmic dosh! I mean, even before I speak, I tend to think how the other one would take it. I wasn’t really careless but have turned to being careful.

      Yes Gayle.. the changes are positive for sure. I feel I have evolved. So tell me my dreams and other intuitions. Many many hugs xoxox

      • Bodhirose says:

        Maybe so.

        It’s really hard to know the ways of karma though. But being mindful of how your words or actions may affect someone else, I think, is a positive thing.

        I’m happy for your continued evolution and realizing your freedom!

        Love and hugs…

        • Olivia says:

          Thank you Gayle.. much of the credits go to you. I feel a positive vibe coming from you..
          Ever since we met, it’s become better for me!!

          Much love n hugs right back at you girl.. 😀

          • Bodhirose says:

            I think I do have positive vibes! Haha!

            If I have in some way enhanced your life, Olivia–I am extremely grateful.

            Gayle xoxo 🙂

            • Olivia says:

              🙂 That you do have indeed.. hahaha
              I am blessed to have you around Dear One.. xoxoxox

              Wishing you a nice morning and a day ahead.. 😀

  3. Olivia – your house is beautiful ! xx

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m a loner myself

    • Olivia says:

      You know what, given a chance, we wouldn’t want to be.. we have become so upon realizing that people = problems apparently. I have gone through so much that I don’t wish to make any more compromises; let alone anymore pain. What for again? Someone who hasn’t seen it at all n expect me to be more understanding since I have been out there..?

      huh.. not worth really. I am done mothering babies.. n “witches”.. 🙂

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