Sleeping away to Glory

Some days are just plain lazy.

Sleeping through the major part of the waking hours becomes the order of such days. No matter how late you wake up; you would want to stretch yourself on the bed, at the first attempt available. All you would want then is to lie down and go past dead.

I would wake up and know instantly if one such day is about to impose itself on me.

It seems as if sleep calls upon me to rest upon my state of being. I can tell immediately upon opening my eyes if I would apparently fail to drag my day further without closing my peepers again. It wouldn’t make any difference how many teas I would have gulped down or for how long I may have ogled at the Computer. Then again, I master the art of falling asleep while sipping tea/coffee.. so that isn’t the problem really.

Staying on my own has certainly some stretched (or stretching) benefits.

I would wake up by 9am. After a hearty breakfast, few cuppas and some work, I’ll pass out by 12pm latest and keep tossing for the next 3- 4 hours. On lucky days, it would be for a couple of hours alone. I would keep waking up in between, switching off and on the a/c unit, checking my cellphone, toss and snooze. It’s different than those power naps of half hour. The surprising part is come night and I feel equally sleepy.

It feels really luxurious.

After all those years of night shifts and keeping awake; this is something I can live with forever. Not very many years back, I used to stay cranky because I couldn’t fall asleep. Not anymore! Infact, I am planning to go snooze time for a couple of days together. Actually, I could use a vacation sleeping away whole of my time and really not speak at all. A little watching television maybe. Or moving out to enjoy the serenes.. but sleeping for the majority of the time.

This was one such day!

What now? It’s past 12 (am) and I’m going dead.. (again) YAWWWNNNNNNNNN
zz.. zzzzzz.. zzzz.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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12 Responses to Sleeping away to Glory

  1. cloakedmonk says:

    I remember, what seems to be 1,000 years ago, when I finally had a non-retail job. And my life didn’t revolve around the Christmas holiday (which in retail-land starts in September at least). It was so lovely to enjoy Thanksgiving and to enjoy Christmas. To have time to breathe and time to sleep. Just to be back on my own rhythm of life again. Yummy-ness.

  2. deadpoet88 says:

    It is always great to sleep! I know I would love to catch up on sleep sometime. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, actually I cannot sleep past 9 or 9:30. But I know that happy lazy feeling. Good to know you’re resting up girl 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      hehehe.. you bet Sonam!
      I love lousing around.. 😀

      Go girl, get some sleep.. it’s really refreshing – I tell you! Happy Lazy Feeling.. it’s blissful.. xox

  3. Hi Dear Olivia!!

    This reminds me of when my baby finally started sleeping through the night — I found I COULD NOT. I was so used to waking every 3 hours my body kept doing it. Or was it my mind?

    Anyway, I feel for you and wish you sweet dreams and sweet waking hours always.


    P.S. Parcel mailing tomorrow, hoooowooooooo.


    • Olivia says:

      Thank you Dear One. I know it does happen, my friends share their stories n I hear them amused.
      I could really use some wishes- esp. to sleep.. hehehehe

      wooohooooooo… can’t wait to receive that.. please to indicate your postal too girlie.. 🙂
      Sending you many hugs meanwhile.. xoxoxoxox 😀

  4. Oh I wish I could sleep for two days…wouldn’t that be heaven…I am a terrible grump when I don’t get enough sleep and lately I have had bouts of insomnia. Two days sleeep I wish!!!

    • Olivia says:

      May you n I keep sleeping till the world declares the official hours of sleep time to be more than 8 hours.. 😀
      I just hate people when they wake me up right in the morning.. I mean what for?


  5. Bodhirose says:

    Well, I don’t want to wake you so I will type very quietly… shhhhh…

    I have gone through so many different patterns of sleep and wakefulness. The best was when I could fall asleep at night in about 10 seconds and not be disturbed all night long. I’ve gone through napping phases and not being able to sleep phases (the worst). There is something very luxurious about being able to sleep to your heart’s content.

    Hope I didn’t wake you… I’m tip-toeing away quietly now… (I’m whispering). 🙂

    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Aaaaw! zzzzz

      I am convinced now. Having you around would be really fun! Yawn!
      You haven’t really woken me up.. instead, I am now yawning like how draculas would stretch their mouth before biting- lolss

      I have no memories of sleeping without feeling disturbed. I sleep pretty light (I hate that). Now I am practicing to fall asleep within a few seconds.. yet there are nights when I find no reason to be unable to wink! zzzzz Those nights are becoming a rarity now.

      Your tip- toed visit was so appreciated.. Wishing you a restful life and deep sleep sessions too.. 😀
      I already yawned 5 times while writing this!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….zz.. zzzzz..

      Many many hugs xoxoxoxoxoxox
      zzzz.. zzz.. zzzzzz.. zzzzzzzzz..

      • Bodhirose says:

        It was fun tip-toeing in while you were conked out! Hehe! Glad I didn’t wake you but it sounds like you need to crawl back into bed again.

        Yawn… Now you have me yawning! Maybe I could use a nap…zzzzz…zzzzz…snore!

        Hugs… xoxo

        • Olivia says:


          Look at me, I kept sleeping since then.. 11 hours to be precise..! Still yawning.. hehehe
          You certainly didn’t wake me up.. infact your words were a sweet lullaby putting me into a different world of snoozing.. 😀

          As I type this, I know you must have already fallen asleep or preparing to.. many hugs xoxox
          Sleep tight.. }:) Dream sweet!

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