Conclusion: Coming to an End

After watching the movie (2012), a lot of things have played up on my mind. Before I put across the things I have been pondering over; let me share a few facts already known to us.

  • Science has yet not been able to find an answer as to how the first life ever struck the “living” beings!
  • There were a species called Dinosaurs in certain age that walked the face of earth- now extinct.
  • There took place a major catastrophe (in the Dinosaur era) when the life was wiped off from the face of earth that we are a part of today or so the theory says.
  • All such facts have been put together by the archaeologists, researchers and other scientists.
  • The world’s coming to an end or so is being said. Something similar had happened even in the Dinosaur era.

There are a few more mystical beings those we talk about

Any fossil whenever found is majorly in its skeletal form. The skin/feather/wings/color is how we perceive of those fossils based on relevant study.

  • We still don’t know if the dinosaurs could actually speak!
  • How their (or others’) anatomy might have been actually (resulting in “abnormal” or unusual pattern of existence).
  • Perhaps we all lived in harmony (or in the lack of it) once. Maybe those were genetic “modifications” and not disorders.
  • Like they are to us; we could also be giants to them.

Look up at a flying bird from down under it. Doesn’t it resemble the fossilized archaeopteryx? If you look at them from the front; don’t their beady eyes appear mean? Instead of a bird, don’t they look like a mammal with wings? Maybe there were larger birds those were named as Dragons! Or better still certain flying lizards named as Dragons? Eitherways, most of us have seen (or conceived) things/shapes to have said so!

Like we are in the process of learning and re- discovering still; one day we might conclude that we indeed lived with those giant reptiles. Then again, how a bird and fish both have similar outer body structure; yet, classified completely under different categories? Maybe the birds were too pissed with the (human) behavior and stopped speaking hence and instead chose to fly away?

Why isn’t there a single creature that can speak, fly, float and get rooted at wish?

  • Perhaps the theory of evolution needs a revision.

Who knows; perhaps the Dinosaurs were as intelligent as human beings are. Maybe they too had abused the natural resources and had discovered all about that (global warming in our times) as we have and done nothing to prevent it!  That may have deteriorated things to such a level that the earth’s magnetic fields too may have been affected. If some major catastrophe was to really hit the world; wiping out every single form of life, how would the generation next ever know that we could speak and had built computers?

Although the movie had ended at a very positive note; if something really that big was to hit us, we won’t survive the impact. That is guaranteed!

Might isn’t always right.

If we don’t learn the lesson from Dinos right now; soon we would be extinct too. Our fragile bones would be long particulated even before someone else re- discovers those!

Then again, my friend Ruby asked me the other day- why the evolution has stopped at being human?

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13 Responses to Conclusion: Coming to an End

  1. deadpoet88 says:

    Interesting post, I’m not sure I believe anything will actually happen in 2012, but one never knows when such disasters happen (like you mentioned the Dinosaurs). I like how you ended it, your friend Ruby’s question, about why evolution stopped at man. Maybe it didn’t, we just need to wait and find out.

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah! I think as much!!
      Maybe we are unable to take notice of them because of difference in the level of frequency they dwell in.. although a few astrological predictions are waiting to strike in the next year.. seems it’s the Universe that is going for a re- birth. Some one should call it a project and lead various groups around who would take note of the simplest of the changes and conclude a few more things.. Is there any scientist around listening to this?

      Only a few months left technically to find out.. 🙂

  2. Hi Olivia 😀 Just to let you know, I’ve put a link to your blog on my page called “My Blogging Friends” 😉

    Hope you’re having a good weekend,
    Chloe xx

    • Olivia says:

      Oh yeah.. almost over now.. it rained here over the weekend so was much relief.. We were soaring at 42 degrees C!!
      Going off to snooooze now..
      Enjoy your evening!
      Mny Sunday Hugs.. xoxox

  3. Artswebshow says:

    Quick, get the mayans more paper and a pen

  4. Tino says:

    I saw 2012 some months ago and it was ok. But what is the date connected to and why 2012?
    Its all based around the Mayan calendar. They had two versions, the short count and the long count. As most other predictions, it says whatever the reader wants it to say. Its all just down to interpretation.
    I did read an article that said we have so far survived some ludicrous amount of disasters that have been predicted down the ages.
    Remember the Hydron Collider? That was going to create black holes and we would all be sucked into oblivion. Now if, IF, they discover what they hope to discover, everything we thought we knew would be put under serious pressure. Its due back online after maintenance and there are reports that it has managed to do what it set out to do.
    Great subject and might help explain about the Dinosaurs and why they became extinct?

    • Olivia says:

      So right! We indeed have survived many catastrophes..
      Here, I fear that perhaps one of our overlooked or missed out on pointer becomes the reason to reverse the magnetic fields..
      or uncountable volcanoes or quakes may disrupt the face of the earth!

      It may happen today, a thousand years later or may be the next year itself! Perhaps something as spectacular as the hypothetical “big bang” may take place..!

      Hugs xoxo

  5. cartieruknow says:

    I think there is some possibility of catastrophe to happen in 2012.Recent years ,all kinds of disaster took place in almost every countries,we are forced to be scared of that.Maybe next years ,we discussedagain,the real 2012 is being played upon us.but don’t worried about that,maybe nothing bad will happen in2012.

  6. Alive aLwaYs says:

    Evolution is a real slow process, every being is going through that phase, its just so sluggish, that we in our lifetime are unable to notice. Some days ago, I read that our brain size has decreased over the years, that’s evolution I guess. 2012, great movie, let’s see what happens!

    I wish there were dragons, mermaids, etc. More so, I wish they had those mystical powers 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Not only the brain size, number of teeth, our height and size of our anatomy!
      That’s right!!

      Movie aside; let’s wait n watch what happens whether in 2012 or later or may be even sooner.. 🙂
      Aaah! one freaky head scientist with my brains can try to resurrect the gone images- maybe that’s the next year.. 😀

  7. Bodhirose says:

    Very interesting question posed by Ruby! And very interesting questions posed by you. So many questions we may never know the answers to. It’s troubling when we have the technology to be much gentler on our planet but choose not to due to greed.

    I guess when we’re wiped off the planet–the next intelligent life will dig up our old, mummified remains along with our computers and figure out we had some semblance of intelligence. Hopefully, any intelligent life form to come after us will be more humane in the treatment of the planet and other life forms. We’ve not done such a good job.


    • Olivia says:

      You did catch the essence Rose! There’s still some time left.. why don’t we just don’t take lesson from dinos?

      A lot of questions maybe be answered if we adopt a bit hypothetical approach. Many arithmetic n scientific theorems have been concluded starting from hypothesis..

      Let’s see what is the “next”.. eagerly anxious!!

      Hugs xox

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