Men are indeed from Mars

Disclaimer: This post is a direct result of my experience with men.

There, I said it! They are anything but even remotely connected to the women species. I guess the Project UFO should end here. It’s them invading our planet. Why; isn’t Nature referred to as “Mother” Nature? So it is but possible that only women happened here. Just like bacteria did- on their own; capable of “multiplying” even further..

Any initiative you may ever take would soon become your foremost deliverable. Try and reminding him of the same and you would end up wondering if the baby boy had ever grown up. They would whimper, sulk, scream (yes that one too) till the woman would apologize for being rude! No matter how much you maybe slogging to keep up to his expectations. Never ever he would sit down to Thank You for your efforts; instead, he would blatantly blurt out- “oh, that’s how it ought to be” (!!@$#@#@^%*&^!!)

Then again- says who?

Try telling him a fact with a straight face. There; watch him over for the next couple of days making a mention of the same, even if you were to say sandwich. Nagging flows in their blood. It’s them who take to stalking both while making us believe that they may be the one and while we make them believe that he is just like anyone (else). They would go into the denial mode like the 1950s Hindi movie, whereby a woman would is shown as the poor one sobbing and crying over her man.

Incase you know; how many men have taken rejection/break off lightly?

If we gossip; they shout. Become rude and often abuse- not to ignore even violently and physically! If you compare their actions (often volatile) to our sessions of or words chosen to gossip in that would be like ants crawling in a straight line. No matter what, we come home at nights. We feel guilty if seeing someone out of our relationship and always feel the moral responsibility to tag along with him anywhere we go. While we may want to show “him” off to the entire world; they need space. That is; to go overboard in name of male bonding and drinks. All of a sudden our eyes no longer make them feel stoned.

We don’t space out- often. They make us move on!

If the man is the “provider” kinds; he would take a huge offence if the woman was to go out to work. That would be a direct attack as if saying- you aren’t giving me enough cash! The woman is expected to sit dolled up the entire day doing absolutely nothing and feel chirpy about the same endlessly for years. Mind you, he has his own priorities hence never available for her- even when she may be in dire need. His ego would be bruised if you express that you wish to work. It would be shattered into million pieces if you grab a job superior to that of his. There would be a time soon when he would want to know why at all you need to work! Even the most educated of the lot would be reduced to being a jerk harping that question.

That’s right; they would kill you if you try to tell them that that may not be a relationship.

It is them who need women so they feel they are a man. We have our monthly period to remind us of our state of being. After a certain age; they would need younger one to announce their virility. Kindly note that the reality maybe a far cry. When women do the same (for the reason mentioned), they are referred to as milfs, cougar and a few more terms those would be synonymous to being a sex worker.

Wait, isn’t he too lusting after us?

They say we are experts when it comes to argument; then why at all they start one? If they abuse; it’s how a man is, if we do, we are loose. They may be pressed under sorting priorities; we have none! If we wish to talk it out; it’s nagging. The best way to deal with anything is by sweeping its dust under the rug.

If you want your relationship to work out, never ever ever expect him to apologize. He won’t. He would rather make you do for having expected that out of him.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Men are indeed from Mars

  1. Bodhirose says:

    After my too-lengthy marriage ended, I am more of the opinion that perhaps men and women should just visit each other on occasion. Maybe that would help us maintain friendliness with each other. Living together and marriage seem to so often end with great unhappiness–on both parts.

    I think there have been some studies that state that human beings are not monogamous by nature. Perhaps we are forcing ourselves to adhere to behavior that we simply can’t conform too! Maybe we all would be much happier if we adopted a different way to co-exist with each other. However, I’m not sure what exactly that should be–each individual can make up their own minds.

    Enjoyed your article, Olivia. 🙂

    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      I feel Marriage was invented as a punishment in the pre- civilization era! Perhaps things were highly unruly n a few rules were laid down.

      With changed times and we been able to accept n appreciate the reality; we should let go of this institution which is more corrupted than being any less. Clearly we are NOT monogamous. Point noted. Then again, I like/love someone who doesn’t fit the bill; the one who does fit in is who I don’t like- the confusion never ends. There are too many factor/conditions that need to be ticked before getting married. Often one or the other important pointer gets missed or overlooked. Fools like me over-estimate their mate and end up blaming the whole species.

      With OBSOLETE rules, we have caged our ownselves.. that’s it! Maybe it’s less complicated with the birds n bees.. we have a long way before we utilize our brains for our betterment..
      Thank you for liking this one.. it took so long for me to put all the pointers together. Even then not all of it is in this post. It’s coming in bits n pieces depending upon the theme..

      This one is from your species…. lolss
      Hugs xox

  2. You just haven’t met the right (nice) gentleman (the later being the operative word) yet, Olivia. In hope that you do. Jamie

    P.S. Thanks for visiting us at Bardo and taking the time to comment. Hugs!

    • Olivia says:


      Thank you for your wishes- hope I do.. although chances are bleak.. 😆
      Reading you is a luxury.. sad I’ve been doing it too less nowadays.. sob!

      Many Hugs xoxox

  3. versebender says:

    You may have a point…have to go, next shuttle for Mars leaves in 10 minutes! Vb

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