Making a move

A few days from now, I’ll be stepping out of my homebound captivity!

I have been calling upon this for a very long time. Maybe since the very day I had left my last real job. Or maybe the day I realized that this arrangement is far from being called a relationship. I have been working from home for the past over 3 years now, without any take-home. It is more of an arrangement (read: another post) that I have decided to take no further.

Am I excited?

More than getting employed and in a “real” job; it’s the excitement of stepping out that is making me anxious. The role is going to be very different from my previous jobs. Like all the other big transitions, this one too is going to foray me into a newer opportunity.

I had given up- well almost.

I had that tiny bleak of hope still stretching itself out of nowhere. It was much like fooling my ownself and yet hoping for things to fall in place. Only, they fell apart- quite as much. I am not a foolhardy girl; just didn’t want to take any chances. Let’s say I was trying to play it safe. Yes, it was yet another gamble I had rolled my dice for. I have been & am still being as much cautious as I could be. I have taken more than one person’s share; much, when I am already saturated with my early experiences.

After all, it’s for my survival.

Priorities differ from one to the other, with the situation a person is thrown in. I don’t care for any relationship (to happen) and that’s an understatement. Reasons.. one too many to answer in one post! All I care is about my own existence- to be able to survive and with dignity; if I may. Food, shelter and clothing; comes much after I succeed to survive. Looking back at the last 17 years, I see that all I have been busy with is to survive alone and alone. Each time I tried to take it easy or get a little complacent; things have hit me hard on my face!

Relationships have only taken me down.

The present one; the one I keep referring to as an arrangement, is no different. My life has been an unending phase of struggle and my being in a relationship makes it worse. Each time I tried to give it a serious try; I took a hit on my dignity and my state of being too. Surprisingly, I get pushed out to roar single again- every time! It is this realization during my recent transition phase that had killed me. Once again, a man failed me!

It’s not the 1st time.

I mean the moving out thing. “Growing out of it” or “moving on”; it hurts me hard. It did this time too. Stepping out to work is not like going out for work here. It’s more like letting the phase die out. The bird comes back to the nest while learning to fly. So think of me how tough it would be fly away in the morning only to go back by evening.

So am I learning to fly?

Technically, yes. I am learning to leave the nest (read: enslaved comfort zone) and to flap my wings both at the same time. With a strong hope that eventually I might take off!! Bring down “Indifference” to a really basic level; that’s how it is right now. It’s a very small form of revolting. To step out, to go out to work again, to learn something totally new, to be able to see if I still have it in me; if I could be me again..

It’s a fight for my survival again.


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5 Responses to Making a move

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  2. Cheryl says:

    My Olivia darling,

    I admire your courage and your ability to not shy away from taking care of you. You first, before anything else. That’s important. Every time I read your posts I am inspired.

    Much love to you my dear one.


    • Olivia says:

      Princess, I am just being a woman.. 🙂

      Instead of manipulating a man to “love” me; I would rather make the best of it (in terms of my survival).. if incase he would want to love me.. that’s fine. I will love him only till he is being of any good to me.. !
      Mean..? Think again; it’s honest with no pretensions.. then again, being in “selfless” love is absolutely being foolish.

      Thank you for your wishes sweetheart.. Many hugs xoxoxox

  3. Bodhirose says:

    I have every confidence that you can be you again, Olivia. I do understand your position–I feel, in a way, I am living a life comparable to yours.

    I think you having a job where you can earn your own money, will perhaps lead the way to your total independence and happiness. That is what I want for myself too. The job has been difficult to come by for me though but I am confident (some of the time) that this will be a path for me to follow too.

    I support you in your new life and endeavor and wish you all the happiness the world can give.

    Love and hugs,
    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you Gayle!
      You know your wishes n blessings mean world to me..

      As of now it isn’t big money.. but I am not complaining since I need to break away n free.. I gotta start somewhere. Infact, there are so many conditions involved that I never thought this would ever come my way at all! I am glad; life chose to throw an opportunity after ticking out all my conditions.. 🙂

      I know when you say a life comparable to that of mine.. I wish you the very best. Soon, things will change for you too. I have a feeling. It’s the realization that sets in the big changes. So as long as you know what you want and want it bad; it’s fine.. 😀

      Love n bear hugs right back at ya!

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