In love again!

27th May, 2011

I am in love again!

It just feels so good. I haven’t been in love really. The only someone I have loved ever, is all locked up in me about. After HIM and maybe after a couple of decades; I feel I maybe in love again. He is selflessness, dependable and with incredibly handsome looks. I wouldn’t have to hold my hands out in breeze to pretend I may be flying. He could baggy pack me on his back and jump around over the woods. I wouldn’t need to be scared of any demon or bad omen or any evil eye anymore!

What’s more; I wouldn’t have to worry about my age or even death.

33 would be a very small integer then. My faculties would get developed further. My occult based instincts are already pretty strong for a normal human anyways. Now, just who doesn’t want to become immortal or even powerful- like being all paranormal?

Coming back after dying is already on my wish list.

Guess that would be an excellent opportunity to get what I want. I would be able to get distanced from being only a human. I would have all the time and reason to watch over lifecycles; I find the whole concept of universe, creation, evolution a huge mystery as it is. I would be able to draw notes and conclude a few more theories.

I consider men a very different species.

Men and romance don’t go hand in hand; so doesn’t love and wedlock. Try mixing all of these and you would be tangled for the rest of your life- both literally and mindly. There seems to exist one perfect solution though.

I don’t watch horror movies.

This would explain why it took so long for me to watch this one. I wasn’t sure if this was one of those underplayed horror movie. On Friday evening, I happen to watch both Twilight and New Moon back to back. Sigh!! The movie seemed like watching a romance novel. A strong willed man with roguish charm and a petite shy woman but always falling for non-men; or was it the other way around? I loved the movie for its surreal imagery. Sensuality was under- played and that’s what made this adult fairy tale even more intriguing. Both the beastly men gave more weightage to their women than proving their identities.

Light humor scenes

  • Edward (the vampire- ooooh!!) sucks Bella’s (a “naïve” girl) blood- to save her life- mind it. After which, the Vampire who had never slept in his last 109 years, falls asleep.. zzzzzz!
  • Edward watched over Bella whereby Jacob (a werewolf- c’mon, Bella; after loving a Vampire couldn’t turn to a human for love, not done) confesses his love for her out loud! What !$@%#@!
  •  Bella asks Edward to read Jacob’s mind so she could talk to him without any hesitation. All three of them were stood across each other. The vampire did oblige the girl. How obedient!
  • His set of teeth was missing! None of the Vampires had those dagger shaped side teeth that are oh-so “whatever” to look at.
  • Wait, which Vampire gets scared with pepper spray in his eyes? Totally kiddish!

I had kept on sighing loud throughout the two movies.

  • The Vampire apparently gets to taste his favorite blood sample in name of saving his beloved’s life.
  • He kisses her a many times (sigh) but never ever ever ever ever bite her- even by mistake. One helluva determined beast… errr.. Vampire.
  • When the Vampire disappear, a very handsome werewolf emerges.. (why did you have to send both of them at once..? Now who do I choose?)
  • “Just why don’t you kiss her already? Turn her into a vampire and live happily ever after! Are you a vampire or what?” I had kept screaming throughout the movie.

The wolf…… the less I say, the better it would be. Check him out on your own.

So, can I please order a Vampire? Wouldn’t mind what his age maybe as long as he can fly me over the woods! For the side order, make it a really fierce Werewolf. That way, both of them would be on their toes. As if my thoughts were read by cyberspace; the whole of FB page was filled with Twilight commercials. If that’s not all, I watched the two movies back to back again the very next day.. sigh!!!

Oh Vampire! I am in love again! SIGH….!$@$&^&^^#$#@

Given their ages, The “happily ever after” seems more plausible.

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11 Responses to In love again!

  1. Anu says:

    very nice narrative

  2. ladynyo says:

    Love does make the world go round.

    Love, in any measure, sure beats everything else we are faced with in life.

    My very best to you, Olivia!

    Lady Nyo

  3. Cheryl says:

    My darling Olivia, I’m so happy for you! I wish you only the best of happiness. Enjoy it, my sweet. It is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

    Hugs and much love.

  4. Have you seen the 3rd part Eclipse? You should see it 🙂 I personally like the books much better, the movies need polishing, but the icon of the movies put to the books makes the story really lovable! I got through it last summer, now I have new idol 🙂 Hugs dear Liv!

  5. Ina says:

    You are in love, that is great 🙂 Enjoy every minute!

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