Branching Out- I

When a storm strikes, only the trees which sway with the wind survive.

No matter how big and branched a tree may be. There are always certain pointers showing why those fell out of the rest. When it is said that one needs to go with the flow, this is what it points out at.

It would not hurt to be a little polite. Really, it will only pave way for future friendship or at least some cordiality. It is never “I” because notice carefully, this “I” stands alone and would always remain so. “WE” are two alphabets, “ALL” is three and “ALTOGETHER” makes ten; and so on it goes.

When you go for your round of Interviews at a new and unknown Company, you try to keep a smile while asking for directions. You also paste that smile while replying to the questions asked in your interview. You feel much better when the Interviewer himself or herself keeps up a smile while conversing with you. Is it somewhat relating now? You create a friendly welcome with that smile or with your display of lack of arrogance.

I now share a story that I had read in my Hindi language (vernacular) text book.

There was this huge and tall tree of Coral Jasmine. It would bear beautiful white and fragrant flowers through the autumn and winter season. It would never go quite harping about its beauty. The adjoining trees would keep telling that one to not to be so arrogant; however, it would pay no attention to such “preaching”. It was too proud of being capable of bearing flowers. The others in the row were not the flowering ones. As it was ordained to happen, no longer was the winter over, the tree had become completely naked. Devoid of any bloom or even many leaves, it was left stood bare taking the heat of sunlight on its slim branches. No passersby would ever stop under that one to take rest. It had hardly any foliage over itself to produce any shade. It is not known what happened to the attitude of that tree; given the fact that that is how this species of Jasmine blooms till date. There is yet another verse that means this:

So what if you are as big as a Palm, with no shade for the passersby, bearing fruits too far to be plucked.

The Palms are only good to look at. One can not stop by to relax under the tree. Neither can one stretch his or hand to pluck the fruit to satiate his or her hunger! It is a tree alright, but not really as humble as the other ones.

The old ones too do not.

The very phenomenon of the old and shallow trees falling off during strong winds or even otherwise, reflects upon the fact that we need to quit upon our redundant and obsolete practices. Or else, such shallow thinking would take us down when we may be going through our set of struggling period.

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6 Responses to Branching Out- I

  1. Jamie Dedes says:


    🙂 Be well, Olvia.

  2. Artswebshow says:

    Very true thoughts Olivia

  3. Bodhirose says:

    I too recently wrote about the strength of trees and how the support of all the branches are necessary for the whole. Similarly, as you point out, are our relationships with others.

    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      What are the odds.. haha
      Indeed.. This was a part of my NaNoWriMo write up.. will publish all here bit by bit!

      Wishing you a very nice weekend.. hugs xoxoxox

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