Leave Me alone

Dedication: This one is dedicated to all those incorrigible women who are “married respectfully” in the eye of society and take great honor in sharing the stinking details of their rotting relationship/wedlock! Listening to their stories, it feels as though I myself maybe the part of their fire- fighting. They make me forget that I am a single woman without a trace of any male around me; basking heavenly in one of the most irredeemable luxuries.

Really girls! I am tired of listening to your constant bickering about your relationship with your man. Let me remind you of the fact that this was your own choice made well against all the other suggested options and your parents (maybe his too) and the same society who you want to bitch about now. If you could stand against all, even after being so young then; you ought to have gotten conditioned by now. Just what regard do you have for your relationship anyway if all you do now is to crib about him; showing him down at the first opportunity available and yet, staying with him- under the same roof?

I have enough of mine to deal with.

I will live without you filling me in about how helplessly you have survived the torture. I will not vote for you; neither would I award you a medallion. I would have if you had rather walked out of that domestic slavery. Do I sound as an extremist? But so are you. You haven’t understood yet. Even after my telling you out aloud my mind; you want to go on ladling the molded cheese over fire; it is you who is stronger than the two of us. I believe; instead of the cheese, it’s my brain cells those are becoming nucleus less with every passing second.

Spare me of the horror.

Even Diana would have been embarrassed turning red on how fluently you pronounce expletives; leave alone their meanings. More seasoning than the salad ingredients spoils the taste and appetite both. Then again, I don’t wish to taste your salad either. Keep in mind that the moment you utter one of those; I label you as a dirty pile on. I guess those are the points I am earning for being associated with you.

I am not an Agony Aunt.

There’s a reason why I have chosen to be on my own. If incase you have missed the point completely (and so it seems); I do not want to be near any complication baked by men. Likewise, I do not wish to listen to things that you undergo in the name of being married; wanting to be a part of, for the rest of your life too. For crying out loud, he is your man, so bear him or not- for all I care.

I am a feminist.

Beware. Even before I point a finger towards men; I’ll blame you for putting up with so much nonsense. Isn’t that what you said it was?

Ditto about the stories of your kids too!

That’s yet another choice I have made- to not have one. I don’t want to know what’s up with their growing up either.

Didn’t you read the title yet?

If you say that this way I’ll be left out alone completely, so be it. I may have my own set of complications to deal with. I agree you maybe more than happy to gossip about those; I find it a complete waste of time. I guess I would utilize the hour to draw my plan of action or to analyze the situation to begin with. You think you can suggest? You can’t even empathize with me for what I have been through; save the sympathies, you need those more. By the way, how open are you to suggestions?

I am not available.

Indeed; being single = being available or so it seems. Just because I am alone, you guys have no consideration for my time and convenience. It’s about time you start showing some respect towards my lifestyle too. Traveling from where I stay costs me a big figure in the measure of time and finances; one of the reasons why I have cut down on my trips. I have graduated from travelling in public transport- be it any as well. Wait a sec, you never joined me when I had dropped in a word about my going out to shop.

Don’t interview me.

You want to know about my life till now for “catching up” with the past stances; go through my blog. It really hurts to walk down the memory lane, revisiting the same old haunted graveyards, while you keep dilating your pupils in horror. It sucks listening to the same mundane questions. Explaining my logic turns out to be equally frustrating. If you were the “understanding” types; you would have gone through my writes already. If knowing about my activity doesn’t interest you; why would I want to be “friends” with you to begin with?

Disappear already.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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10 Responses to Leave Me alone

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Flying solo has its advantages! Hence, I fly solo too ….

  2. Well, you sure did tell someone one, or some people off lol

  3. seabell says:

    Dear Olívia, I hope that after what I have to say we are going to be even better friends than before. I love your straightfowardess, so I think you are going to love mine too. Check this link: http://seabell.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/peoples-stories/

    • Olivia says:

      Hey, I read yours.. I feel honored to read your comment in the shape of a post!!
      Loved it…… 😀

      Indeed, I count you as my friend already…. xoxox

  4. deadpoet88 says:

    Good post girl, I can understand how annoying it must get to listen to people complaining, I know I would hate it too. If they dislike being married so much, there is always a way out of it, but sadly most of them will start thinking about what society will think. There is always a choice, most don’t realize that. But I’m also sure that many wouldn’t leave even if they knew that it was an option. It takes guts to put up with such things, but it takes more guts to walk out. You’re a strong woman, most aren’t that strong.

    Anyways, it must be raining like crazy out there, enjoy the rainy weather!

    • Olivia says:

      At 6 it seemed it was quarter to 8 in the evening.

      I guess anyone who listens to their cribbing is equally committing a crime. You cry like a crop weed while being pulled and yet just don’t wanna listen to what your so close a friend (as termed by them) wants to suggest something? Tried telling one of them his point of view; I was questioned whose side was I being… @@#^#$^#%$@%@#

      I freaks me out no end to listen to such first hand nonsense. I am no one to comment- yet it’s them who called upon themselves this line.. “they aren’t least bit thankful for what they have.”
      They want me to join them for a name- calling session. Excuse me already!

      See how busted I still am.. 😀
      Thank you for posting this here! Thanks a greater deal for supporting my words and me too.. 😀
      Sending you along many big hugs xoxoxox

  5. Bodhirose says:

    I agree, it’s difficult to hear the same complaints over and over again and no action is being taken to remedy the situation. This shows up in other ways too–lots of complaints and unhappiness but feeling as if they are victims and have no say in the matter. Not true! The choices may be difficult and challenging, but there are other choices.

    You’ve made your views very clearly stated, Olivia. Let’s see if those women get the message.

    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      You have said it right where it gets edgy!

      There’s yet another breed here.. but didn’t mention about since that would have killed the essence “never satisfied- groaning ever”
      I tell you like weeds they grow in abundance. wait a minute; do I appear such a softy? My bad then.. 😦

      Sending you many hugs for a nice Sunday xoxox

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