The Beauty of the Beasts II

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I had assumed that the 2nd post maybe the concluding part. You guessed it right- that’s not happening; not in this post atleast.

The route that I take to reach my work destination in Punjabi Bagh, I happen to pass through the airport. No sooner I cross 15 kms, I run parallel with the runway- watching the big birds take off or a few of those landing leaving a streak of smoke on touching the ground. A few more kilometres ahead, I see the big cockpits staring at me through their nose. Only that this time around I feel they are calling me! Since years I have kept scared watching its image in print or even one on my computer, what to talk of watching real one?

I have dreaded walking into one looking at it with my eyes. I don’t feel so anymore or so I think. The other day I took a de- tour through the airport. People ready to check- in were stood in queue outside the airport lobby, so were the planes in the open ground- or that’s what it seemed. It’s been a few days already and I am unable to think of anything else. I did the same thing today and I could hear the lobby welcome me.

Is a travel due? I couldn’t have asked for more.

I so wish to board one now and an international one at that, whereby 4 of those engines maybe giving me angry looks and I be winking back at those!


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2 Responses to The Beauty of the Beasts II

  1. Lisa says:

    I’d be scared to fly too, but I’d still want to go I think and have a window seat.

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