If wishes could fly..

14th August, 2011

I had so wanted to watch Avatar on Star movies tonight. Not quite remembering the telecast timings, I had switched on the TV while having dinner. The last few minutes were what I got to watch. Not really upset but I almost wished if this was re-scheduled for the next slot too. No sooner had I wished upon, it was aired that it was indeed re- slotted for the 9pm telecast the same evening. Well, if this is how fast my wishes are going to get granted, let me re- shuffle my long “wish- list” already!

This movie is what was required for me to watch after spending a sleepless, stressful night. The world of fantasy, surreality flying around, changing forms, taming dragons and unending thrills; all this while leading your life close to the forces of nature. If that was not enough, they had vampire set of teeth too.


“I could really do with a vampire of my own.”

Just when I had thought of it, there screened a trailer of Eclipse (Twilight) slotted to be aired on September 17th! Wondering what all I had wished upon during that time. This is one of the reasons why I keep a close check on my thoughts all the time. I so can’t afford to be casual about this one. I say it and that so happens- more often than not!

There’s something about these mystical, wizardly acts that keeps me drawing in. I do wish to study Occult as science. My close friends and even the regular readers know how I have always been able to say it much before its actual happening. In a way that’s exciting- since that way I can channelize my energies only in one direction.

For now, I wish:

  • My things to get sorted out once for all.
  • Leave my country never to come back again ever.
  • Definitely get into a relationship that’s based on Love, mutual respect and with someone who understands me the way I am! 


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About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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2 Responses to If wishes could fly..

  1. That’s really eerie. o wonder you say you need to be on your guard with reference to what’s going on in your head. The power of intention, they say is a powerful tool. Keep them positive..who knows you might just get all that you desire.:-)

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you so much Dear One! Indeed, i wish to break free. Thoughts alone have brought me till here. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say that I had given up on things completely!
      Sending you many hugs xoxoxo

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