Falling in Love


Will you hold my hand and come with me to that water fall for once?

Look around; isn’t it serene? Go and stand under that spring. Do it now.

How do you feel? Without your asking for it, you have already soaked up the spring- water; its wetness glistening all over you. It has filled up every single pore in your body making you breathe droplets of water. Your clothes couldn’t do much about it.

Now, you either would want to stand there and enjoy or step out.

Even if you decide to whine about standing under the fall; it will not be affected. It will keep stroking you with same amount of force. To experience and connect with that strong flow of water; it’s you who has to let go of yourself. Do it…… and now take note of how you feel.

Aren’t there baby streams forming on your skin? The water hasn’t judged you before falling over you and it doesn’t really bother anymore. If at all, you have started communicating with the current. You notice a rhythm of its falling. It seems to tease you with its high and low fall. You now know exactly how to stand yourself to enjoy that bond which got created just a while back. Raise your arms and feel the serenity of it. It echoes your voice for you alone as you scream your heart out and yell. The sound of the fall against the rock is covering your screams, creating a small secret place for you in open- so no one around hears it. It is the same fall that has been striking itself against those humongous rocks that you couldn’t balance upon while walking towards it. The fall hasn’t changed its course, it is the rocks those have become slippery smooth.

Do you identify yourself with one of those now?

Those being rocks- have sat there for years. They didn’t bother to roll with the fall and flow ahead with its current to newer places. Mind it, the water has been and will keep falling from the same height and everyone sees it that way.

The irony or the satire of the whole situation is that even if you choose to step out of the water, drying yourself having not been able to connect with it, it will still keep pouring. No matter after how much time or maybe never step back in it; the whiff the drops picked up from your skin will flow with the water. You see how small your bonding (perhaps that you could never create and so you stepped out) is as compared to the bonding the droplets created even when it didn’t say so? Try as hard as you wish to, you will never be able to go back in time and unwind it or take your essence out from that flow. It will always flow with that current no matter where it goes carrying the sniffle along with it across places and times.

As many times as you would try to, you will only give away some more of you to the flow.

Definitely, you may or not like to spend your life standing under the fall; the fact remains, the spring will not stop from falling. The greens around will keep reflecting the falling light. The sunlight will keep breaking itself through the droplets making mini rainbows around. It will stay as scenic and picturesque as it was when you had stepped in.

Now, try calling the spring a crazy bent.

The sound of its water striking the rock will not become dim. It’s you whose voice won’t be audible. Such is its arrogance. That water fall has been corroding those rocks for decades or even centuries; this will go on for another few. Strain your ears a bit more- don’t you hear a pattern as the water strikes the rocks and then takes it course to flow forward? The same fall had echoed your giggles as if freaking out with you- that is now falling on the rock making music and eating away on its sharp edges. It is the rocks those are now taking the fall in its stride; the spring hasn’t changed its course of fall.

I just showed you what would happen if you want to be a rock. I also made you see how it would be if it is you.

I, for once and ever will keep falling over from that great height and then flow forward carrying your essence within my senses. You and I both would never be able to take that sniffle out of the time clock. We both created those memories and in it we shall keep dwelling for all times to come. It is you who won’t be able to hold me within a clasp. You will have to let go of yourself and keep your arms suspended in the air to let me hug you. You will have to lift your face up to feel refreshed.

Close your eyes. Enjoy the love that is flowing; leaving you no sooner it’s touching you.


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2 Responses to Falling in Love

  1. Sam373 says:

    Like a rock under a waterfall, yes; to often.

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