Anti- social tick!

The whole day went by but I couldn’t concentrate enough and so, didn’t sketch any.

I spent some “quality” time face-booking today though 🙂

The 1st 3 hours because I failed to upload a video and rest actually trolling around and posting likes on others’ trolls. In those few hours the guilt was over- taken by the joy of reaching out to people to share I was alive. If only I had some real life friends, I would have called for an evening tea party or perhaps a weekend get-to-gather and enjoyed no end over the drinks, food and that fun video I shot.

So here’s what on my mind.

With the invention of internet, the world has indeed shrunk and so the binding n bonding in any relationship. My question here is: do we get to hold any more new relationships?

Who has the time anyway? Well, I asked for it- didn’t I now?

While SNS are a great media to keep the distant ones in touch or may I say at a distance of a touch of a button or a few keys as the case maybe; it has distanced all the natural relationships that once defined “man is a social animal”. Now, “a man is social only if he has a public profile starting from FB, twitter, handful of blogs, flicker…” the list is practically a never- ending one! It doesn’t matter if you are social (in the orthodox way of the definition); he got to be a troll.

We no longer look forward to talk or meet up since we keep texting almost the whole day. Everyone is perpetually updated with every single detail of your life from your recent purchase to absolutely nonsensical (pardon my choice of words here- but that is what it is precisely) troll made to something which was indeed sensitive. Gone are the days when we wrote lengthy letters, day dreaming about the person in mind. Break- ups used to be messier than the actual affair since a lot of paper work was involved! Whatever happened to those hand- written cards?

Oh c’mon stop being old “fashioned”- mms are cool. You are still an old school if you were about to say e-cards.

SMS..? Texting as it is referred to in some countries just proved that “communication doesn’t need any language… err, dictionary I meant; and vocab too if I may. Grammar, well it’s now cyber ethics!

If the walls of the house weren’t enough already; we have other “walls” to cage ourselves up inside. Just about anyone (you choose to depending on the privacy settings) can slam a comment for your entire friend list to see and snigger under the breadth. Instead of socializing we rather tend to browse through their albums. The videos aren’t the ones you star in almost always.

Really, stop posting your daughter’s first day at school. It isn’t like the 448 friends you got under the friends list will all post a “like” or a comment; infact, the ones who would rejoice on this event are the ones already in touch with you. Guess what, those aren’t even 40 friends- only 8 and that too if you are plain lucky! We can’t ignore the fact that we have made our lives just as public as any other dweller at the road- side. The expression- “As an open book” should now be changed to “as exposed as on SNS”

The mode of mass- communication is the only way we communicate via now.

P.S. If you are reading this then the chances are that you picked it up from my FB profile. There, I said it!!

Here, I rest my case. Go ahead enjoy this video. Have fun.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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3 Responses to Anti- social tick!

  1. yes, I picked that up from your FB profile, but I agree with you on many levels here …

    • Olivia says:

      lolss! Bubble, you are one of those where I am enjoying this evil necessity in our lives.. so I just loved that something like blog or FB happened.. otherwise……
      Hugs xoxoxo

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