The Beauty of the Beasts… contd.

Wish Made-It’s about time

I might want to say that often, I call upon my destiny by asking for it over and over again. In single breath, I go on chanting night and day, as if meditatively for the “day” to come. It wasn’t any different even this time around. Like mentioned in the previous post; where I stay, the airport is nearby. For four good months that I traveled alongside the runway on my way to work last year, I watched those roaring beauties flickering its lights, winking at me.

While picking and dropping one of my friends last year from and to the airport; arrogantly, I had declared later that I would be flying very soon. Please don’t forget I am megalophobic or so I thought I was. Only a couple of months back, I had dropped yet another one of my friends to the International Airport. Boy, was I excited?

A week’s time later then, I received my passport.

There, I had almost lost over my sleep. Like a constant hum, I had been only thinking of flying. I wanted to walk to the plane in a lazy stroll. Even a toy model used to scare me till sometime back. Years of dreaming of watching a plane from a close angle had to be realized. The only thing that stood between me and my Destiny (to come now) was boarding a plane. I had tried to a couple of years back and failed. I took the trip alright but due to certain reasons, the flight had never happened. Ever since, I had been hoping for but only to fly! How single minded could I get?

The biggest deal was that I didn’t want to do it alone.

I didn’t want to do it with someone random either. Ever since I was dragged up the escalator by him, I knew, it was to be with him. Then again, too big a wish it was and conditions attached to my wishing was endless. I had wished for a few more things thrown in making it a fat goodie basket! Yet, that’s all I was thinking of beside a few more things, on the similar lines. I believe when you want something really bad, the whole of the Universe works towards achieving the same for you. You just need to stay determined and really wanting it. Cause, company and conditions; all gets worked about at the end of it- while you watch and gasp in bewilderment. I had tightened my seat belts to grab it as soon as it was to hit me.

Hit, it did.

A wish was fulfilled. Infact, quite a few of those- all clubbed together as I had desired for since some time 🙂

Now, I am working on my new wish- list <(^_^)>

P.S. The details will wait in a different post.


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