Back to sketching life!

31st may, 2012…5pm

Sitting on the table… er rather a chair, placing my diary on the “table” (now), I’m scribbling fast lest I forget the words I wish to pen down to be typed down in a little while from now. The almost cold coffee is sadly waiting to be picked up and sipped. Incidentally, I have a story about this particular mug too; some other day. For now, I’m back in the sketching mode after 2 complete months. Can you imagine- gosh!

It was the same time last year or maybe a little earlier that I had pulled the same table in my bedroom and the desktop along with that is no more with me, to keep up with my blogging uninterruptedly. Within a few weeks, I was out of the home. That was my first real steps out of this house to face the world after 3 years. Let’s see what is to come this time.

My eyes are squinted, trying to adjust to the new set-up n lighting. Anyone who is into sketching would know how important lighting is! Your eyes get adjusted to the type of fall of light! Although the bulb is same, so is the table and the sketch- book and the pencils and me too (yeah, let’s not forget that!!!), it’s going to take a few good days before I get adjusted to the lighting and feel at “home”

I’m playing music from my cellphone. It’s connected to the speakers; upped to the highest volume. Yeah, I am an avid music lover and listening to it loud, gives me a lovely high. I wanted to pursue career in singing- alas! But so I wanted to even in fine- arts. That I am a Textile Designer is a different twist to my tale. Some things just don’t happen. Let me not venture into that direction for this post- I am really happy. A small sense of accomplishment has gripped me. The best of me comes out when I am at a phenomenal low- but so I am. I care not for the world as long as I have my music drumming my ears (and literally hurting) and I have some black lines to draw to express my mind, I am all set. The best part of sketching is you can’t tap listening to music. Your pencil strokes starts moving to the music! Another yet very well established fact is your state of mind reflects upon your sketching style. I don’t mean by the theme- but the way you choose to treat the image or sketch. Types of lines, or the count or the curve of it; boy, am I thrilled already?

I just can’t wait to lift the pencils again and make them stoke the sheet like how a lover would her woman!

P.S. A sketch was completed before typing this out on my laptop 🙂

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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2 Responses to Back to sketching life!

  1. claudia says:

    nice…great when the pencil starts moving to the music…listening to music makes anything easier, me thinks…

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