I love taking trips… and that is an understatement. To me, the thrill of starting a travel is far greater than the reaching to a new destination. In other words, I don’t look forward to reaching and making the most of wherever I do; instead, I keep excited about what all I can, while I am still on my way. The ever-changing landscapes, the rising and the setting of the celestial bodies and the changing altitudes bringing about change in the weather alongwith it; the very idea of absorbing all of this and more with my eyes, in my mind, making those a part of my memories; make me go eager as a toddler being taken out for a walk. Click!

I am concluding that that maybe the strongest reason of my always having to sail through transitions, adjusting through the newer possibilities, assessing the present stock of resources and almost always keeping uncertain of the futuristic developments. Anytime I have tried calling it a journey, the unconscious force have shoved a hard one up my behind, breaking the period into an unimaginable break down period.

I have an uncanny feeling that I am about to enter into a complete unknown terrain from here on… a travel that would be marked both across time and space.

A few things are repeating their occurrences- or so it seems to me. I am not at all prepared except for mentally. The hassle remains how it was back then. The last of my semblance with that of my mom’s life has also made an exit. He played the part of ‘me’ in my mom’s life- or else, the line of difference has already started stretching itself then. The very few last parts are about to get dissolved. Time alone knows exactly which of the days approaching would bring about that change! All I know is that the last phase has already ended. A little overlapping and blurring also has happened. A complete changeover or a clean cut mark is just to be slated on my life.

I can breathe and tell- its right here.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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2 Responses to Transitory

  1. Sam373 says:

    So the journey began? Keep in mind, the harest foe to conqure is self.

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