Everything’s due to a change now…

My analysis is yet to reach a conclusion!

A fleeting thought; yet, expressed and with a load of conviction, conveyed (in time) to the one it concerns. A few highly insignificant things took to occurrence for me to reach the same. My cell completely was dead on me, even while during the warranty period. His headphone was finally exchanged for a better (n working) pair. I hope the new one is working well now.

24th July, 2011. The day…

Both of the things were bought the same day. Only that the skullcandy was a gift from me to him. It wasn’t a big deal that he got it exchanged while with someone else. How sentimentalist could I be now? Of course I am not. Or maybe I am… consoling myself with the thought that I was around the day an exchange offer was offered o him and that I almost proposed to him that he did that that way. Whatever, it really doesn’t concern me anymore.

Then why the heck am I yapping it about here?

Well, for once because the unwrapping is still on. Or maybe, because, I’m only pretending that it doesn’t bother my state of being. The truth may be a far cry from what I am showing off on the surface. My laptop, my 2nd soul too underwent changes! Complete formatting was done not even 24 hours back. Let’s not even talk about the amount and intensity of the data I lost… the system had crashed exactly 12 hours before he had to board his flight; exactly how I had conveyed to him a week back that all that we did together will now undergo a change almost as to undo.

My mind isn’t grounded at the very least.

I am on the constant look out for any major changes. So close are the things those are happening to me that I am practically unable to not brood or retrospect. It was nothing short of a miracle that Kavita helped me re-instate things on my system. The things had refused to turn around anymore when I banged my head on the screen on my own. Well, that is till she took over, teleporting herself through Teamviewer.

All of this is obviously on top of the no more calls, regular random texts and long whole night conversations. Well… whatever! SIGH…

For now, I’m only wondering… what more is to come.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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2 Responses to Everything’s due to a change now…

  1. Aya Wilson says:

    hope all is well with you…

    missed you a lot.

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