In attempt to charm the eternal charmer!

Only, I am not amused.

The lyrics that I am filling in with really rude remarks of my own out of devout frustration are the ones those I had once sung when in school. Half a dozen songs were given to our music teacher Ms. Sudha Kaul at a notice of 2 hours to prepare, complete with dance performance. It had taken only half hour for me to pick those and number of rehearsals was run within that short span. Singing still remains one of my still to be explored passions. Sigh!

Well, that was ages back… for now, I’m cursed to listen to tortured souls trying to demonstrate their mastery over their vocal chords; or the lack of it actually. Occasionally, leaving the divine avatar, they even astray towards other gods. Remember, we have 32crores of those gods and goddesses to choose from. If I were one of them, I would have fallen onto my devotees’ feet to beg them to silence. Just which of the holy scribbles order jacking up a loudspeaker whenever the unrestful souls get to scream like banshees? Honestly, how can someone really listen to off-scale, off-beat gagging noise in name of worshipping?

It’s a shame that I couldn’t appreciate “happy birthday to you…” being sung for the one who once charmed all the “gopis” by his mastery over the flute; guess what, maybe these are the bystanders of that divine raas-lila now ripping their arteries since they couldn’t take part then. Even youtube failed to give me any result; google did, for “hum to kahenge happy birthday…” Really now, what’s happening to the culture that the people abroad so envy about? In name of offering tribute, the melodious music is only being violated and very sickly at that. Their “incomplete” karma is now impelling them to shriek n cry, making the loudspeaker to coo every few seconds.

My dear Lord (whoever is listening will do), please use your Majikal Charm so these over exasperated, gasping for breath women could maybe silenced, even if not forever right now. Their attempt at screwing the devotional songs (being gabbled upon Hindi cinema song tunes) is only making me whimper as though as if under Crusius Charm! instead of expressing their devotion, they sound like that evil psycho who cracks sadistically while pacing towards the victim.

It seems they are on the roll. What’s the definition of peace again?


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2 Responses to In attempt to charm the eternal charmer!

  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Ah, Olivia, I think this may be happening in all religions, but there is no comfort in company on this one.

    • Olivia says:

      lolss!! Ain’t this so annoying? I mean if God has to bestow blessings, He will; one wouldn’t have to scream like a tortured victim to seek any! pheeww… It’s time God really does something about this.

      Hugs xoxo

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