Time stops at The Lake House

What happens when a dainty doctor and a handsome architect falls in love so madly that time gets negated of its existence?

Dr. Kate (Sandra bullock) while moving out of the lake house dropped a note for the next tenant requesting him to forward her mails should any land up there anymore.

That was the cue.

Alex the architect was too amused when a dog had run over leaving paw prints exactly where Kate had mentioned they would be. There were none when Alex had arrived. Infact, he stood witness to the canine drawing his paw impressions as though Kate was forecasting.

That she was then.

For some weird reason, they started writing to each other. The reason was romantic pull- but of course! They wonder if they have the same dog to themselves. A few correspondences later, the answer was “yes.” Kate would go back to the mail box to take his letters out and put her replies back. Wonder, why hadn’t they mailed those instead?

The story moves on and he takes Kate around the town one day. A map was placed in the mailbox that was marked at several places. The whole day she and her dog strayed around the city looking at his favourite places. One of the walls was sprayed with a “Thank you Kate” note too! So far, so good.

A few strange things happen thereafter.

One day when Kate was standing next to the mail box, she noticed the latch of the same move. At the same time, Alex too, noticed the same. They hurriedly scribbled a few more notes, putting those back in the mailbox- only to watch the latch go up and down and new notes waiting for one another. Yet another day she makes a mention of how she missed the trees at the lake house when Alex uproots and drives one of the tree trunks to the place she “suggested” that she stayed in. Kate was running to shelter on a raining wet evening, when a full grown tree materializes out of nowhere. Kate had to be there to see that happening. One moment there was nothing. The next moment there was a tree. The same tree that Kate missed, which was a bare splinter bunch in Alex’s time that he planted outside a construction site was a full grown thickly stemmed green, outside a huge (constructed and occupied) building in Kate’s time.

They were two years apart!

While most of the motion pictures, even animation are based upon going back into time to fix it up, this one went ahead in time to make up for the life lost. What’s more, no one travels in time; but, let time move on at its own pace. At the “right” time, Kate realizes what she should do now so Alex lives, and so then, Alex lives. Such is the power of love. I won’t add the word “true” for that makes it sound really sleazy! This time, after meeting twice in the “past”, they really do meet, in real time zone- alive, in flesh n blood without having to twist the needles of a humongous or for that matter any other clock!

For one, it revolves around Valentine’s day. Watch it if you love to watch romance, more in the line of fantasy, instead of flowers and fornication…

Time indeed steps aside for the two of them to come together at last, (almost like all romantic movies), because, if stretched beyond (the last scene of) a passionate kiss, the ugliness of the reality creeps in. Only, this one makes time get caught up in its own web. How so?

Think mist, pastel, soft and loads of romance! Sigh!

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3 Responses to Time stops at The Lake House

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  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    … and now I don’t have to see the movie, BUT I love Keenu Reeves. Hmmmmmmmm! Am I too old for this.

    • Olivia says:

      hahahaha… No one’s too old to watch romance (fairy tales for the grown ups) Infact, you should watch it. It’s indeed awesome. The movie is simple although would make no sense if you sit to watch trying to apply logic of time in time!

      Hugs xoxo

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