Say it with a flower

I won’t give flowers,
I’ll myself to you.
Will you care to hold me forever?

It was only after a week that I noticed another bud hidden beneath the mauve bloom. How had I not before? I had held the flower for hours making a drama of studying the broken twig before wearing it on my overcoat button-hole. Back home, I had made a huge display of displaying the solitary flower. Then few days later, I had spent hours trying not to and apparently framing the bloom.

All I had seen till then was a tiny bud trying to wisp open beside the circle of petals blooming with pride. What I had missed out upon was another bud, a bigger one fighting aside the lavender blossom trying to spring open its own round of petals.

I am in love with life,
obsessed with its cliffs,
I wish to seek Him through you.


Is that what was happening for the past few days? Do I really take time to take notice? Or realize? No wait, I am judgemental enough to dismiss a bad-tempered shark for an over-grown tuna. But this was different. The arrangement is made to sit on the dining table. That’s where I’ve been sipping my cup of ginger tea in cold mornings of December last year and January this year. Every time I sat beside the glass vase, I made the flower to look at me; it seemed they were nudging me. All I had to do was to tilt my head the other side and I would have known- what about. It took me days to do so. I misinterpreted their indication. No wonder!

I failed to take notice of something. Existence of a life, another indication of joy; a bigger budding hope!

The arrangement of corolla, sepals n petals with stigma and stamen is a sign of conceptualizing to me. Having said that, you can very well judge the intensity of the thoughts it generated to have made me write about it. Technically, this is my first post of this year. I love the color, not just ‘like’ alone. The capture has in some way framed the rest of the colors I like too. Purely un-intentionally although!

On that note, I wish you all a very Happy New Year 🙂 Happy 2013

I won’t write for you.
I’ll say my part when you do.
May you know,
I wish to live my life with you…

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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