An unexpected visitor or a divine blessing, was that?

If you wish to know of love for animals, pick up a copy of Ramayana right away. It takes awarding each-one-his-rightful-place to a whole new level. Perhaps, the first of the humanoids were born in Hindu scriptures; though not quite the same way how they are being developed today- sex bots and what not!

The then king of Ayodhya– Rama conquering a demon king Ravana, but not without the help of a monkey troop; the biggest battle of all time as depicted in yet another holy scripture, Mahabharata can also not parallel the enormosity of the victory so achieved by the handful of Aryan bloods and a huge army of primates, save for a few apes, maybe even a gorilla or two and a wild bear. As a regard, I am guessing, they are depicted as talking and walking human like -well almost- divine figures. There, now you know of the dedication of the ancient ones towards the animal lives.

This is one such Tuesday morning during Delhi monsoons –although I live in Gurgaon, but hey, it’s only 30 minutes away from New Delhi if you drive at 80km/hr without braking anywhere – while the rain god seem to be working on his KRA. Anyway, while FB is updating status after the other of dry spells in Delhi, it’s raining (yes) here. So it’s safe to call it a rainy morning. The first time this monsoon that it feels like monsoon- dark, humid and windy, raining since over 24 hours in spells. One thing you should know about India is it is a country of all seasons; excepting monsoon, that is! So all this while when it seemed the pigeon pair is happy and hence notifying me of their presence with loud hums, the poor purple pair was trying to draw my attention – and to what?

A cup of tea I prepared after some lazy chats, warding off one can-I-date-you-pretty-please-since-you-look-sexy on one of the matrimony sites, I happen to have my guest visiting me. Obviously, it was a surprise come over. What do I see? A full grown Vaanar perching up on the broken a/c unit… only birds drenched and hurt sit up so meekly. The verandah door was ajar, so was the grill gate. What I mean is, he had all the liberty to take I-care-not-any stroll inside the house making it into his home. Worse, claimed my bed to relax his muscles. This building is a stand-alone; he must have had to climb up right instead of jumping and hopping through floors.

And boy, was he chivalrous? He didn’t ogle a wide eyed, red haired, skimpily dressed, barely covering her modesty; I say more than that was required to. No seriously, I didn’t feel threatened. All it seemed was as though he knew I was thinking or maybe even scared. My heart didn’t skip a beat, it had stopped flexing altogether. I was only moved by his domesticity. Aren’t these known to bring the house down single handedly, okay, with all four of their limbs? No sir, not this one. He stayed put waiting for the rain to die before it climbed down and without a single act of inducing any bewilderment in me. Now, I am thinking…

Today being Tuesday, I totally want to believe that it was Lord Hanuman visiting the lowly me. The Indian in me (read: the greedy self) can barely ward off the idea of being blessed by the Lord himself this morning! Such is my devotion towards the one of many who are forced to now wander in the cities climbing buildings instead of monkeying in the wild.

God Bless Him.

P.S. I didn’t capture his poise although I so wanted to. I didn’t want to antagonize my guest any further than him seeing me.

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2 Responses to An unexpected visitor or a divine blessing, was that?

  1. Jamie Dedes says:


    Hanuman is my son’s fave.

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