It is only natural to send emails across at work; yet, I owe you for this one again. The other day you had wanted me to send that insignificant team outing presentation across to HR Manager and Process Manager, but the one I sent today was sent to VP HR and VP Process too. I am only seven months old put against the seven years old employees. While we make no bones cribbing about the silliest things, I thank you for this invaluable earning today.

I sent this text to my ex- manager, who I have refused to call so; I address him as my dear manager. Gladly, he accepts the addressal with the signatory running of his hand through hair and a bare all teeth grin. Other managers know who I am referring to when I leave a “hello” to be passed onto still my dear manager. I am now moved into a different team under different process in the same line of business. I haven’t come to terms with this movement yet. Him and my manager says, I shall be over it soon enough. I know what will make me take it in my stride; though outwardly, that’s what I am wearing.

I completed seven months in this organization today and that ain’t any achievement. Neither is the fact that I was asked to convert a report into presentation today. I am still in the beginner’s role- “an agent” to be precise. But then, something changed by the time I finished preparing the presentation. I was instructed to send that across to all, the leadership team included through my email ID. Here I was, sitting more baffled than excited after having prepared a process specific report to be sent to one and all and I am only in my training for that process. Only the other day I was made to type an email that was then sent to the onshore client. This doesn’t qualify as an achievement either for I have been there in my previous profiles… how many years back again?


Clearly, my ex-manager had put in a word across to my current manager. I took a moment after sending the email closing my eyes, thanking everyone backing me up for me to be able to live through to this day. Teary eyed I then thanked my managers in person- both of them; the dear one and the present one. It wasn’t a biggie for them.

For me it was… within a few minutes of sending that email, for the next half hour, across all systems throughout the process floor ran the same slideshow, each one animating at a different slide. What a show it was. My fellow workers were viewing their names with roused excitement chit chatting over their work- stations nodding in approval. My job was done. They were pleasantly surprised seeing how differently highlighted their names were this time. I searched within their lit up faces; they seemed happy… as though for me too!

It takes me a few seconds before I format and jazz up any given content or report in the manner required and/or requested. This wasn’t my first time.

If only I am able to format my much encrypted lifeline too. I shall feel amused. There isn’t anyone around me in person or even virtually; so nevermind the fact I’ll smile singular, I take that in my stride most of the times anyway. I have long years to close before I take a break.


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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