Walking till the post

Today was my last day at work… last day of my first work- year at Genpact.

Hitting the dial keys to log on to the bridge to barge a phone- extension remotely took me back by a decade. I was promoted as Quality Evaluator for my own process in November of 2004 in my work tenure with Convergys then. I was only a year and four months old in the organization and the process alike.

I was given to monitor calls at work today. This is when I am only five months old in the process. It felt strange! My instincts are alive still. Preparing the observation report wasn’t difficult either. I was given to prepare process level reports directly to be sent to the clients and process managers previously. I was only a few days old in the current process then.

I haven’t been able to sit back to reflect since then. For weeks together, I don’t get that time to brood. Even though I took a couple of sets of work-offs in the last two months, they went by as though never existed. What remained was a static sense of being employed again. It’s that plain. I have no metaphor or adjective to describe my state of mind.

Once what used to be the core constituent of my attitude: that pride of being alive with dignity is coming back to me. This isn’t a milestone really; not yet, I am walking alright. I congratulate myself for having dared to start life afresh again, regardless of the fact that this wasn’t the first time.

My thoughts are scattered and emotions staggered. That feeling of loss has washed down a bit. It wasn’t without difficulty and I strongly feel the presence of a driving force. The Divine seems to have designed a destiny for me after all and I find myself striving toward.

For now, just that; I have goals I’ve got to achieve. I’ll start laying my plans now.

I pray, surrendering to the Unknown so I be made in thy light.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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