The shift

Sharing the other half of my mind is pending. It’s growing by the day threatening to take over becoming the dominant part of how I feel. The limbo has shifted.

They say dark rum with cola takes you to heaven; my taste buds are retaliating. Let’s see if I can get used to its bitter sweet flavor. Brandy tastes better both with cola and soda. It’s far too cold for my bearing and I had to get myself a glass of that and some wafers to go along.

I am still enveloped in the casing time created. Escape is yet to show me the door. Some measure of distance is still left; I feel. Time’s ticking… I feel the changeover striking in small amounts, the count is going up by the day. Like I said, that limbo has shifted.

 I feel a strange bearing reaching out for me. Karma, time, law and whatever else it maybe; I see that energy creating a spark within my aura. It will be a bit more time before I too resonate on same frequency. Let me translate…

Or maybe I should give myself some more time.

The vocabulary I’m acquainted with seems to be inappropriate for me to be able to deliver the expression conjuring up within. The momentum my life’s gaining now is promising me to go a long way. I don’t see a turning point. The trail seems to be ascending onto the adjoining mountain. I’m up for it. This new bearing is bringing to me newer aspects of me that I was unaware of. It’s tapped a few unexplored corners of my attitude how I wear it.

I’m keeping my mind calm. I’m enjoying this bearing. Transitioning has gone submerged; waves of change have taken over. What’s surprising me is my being cool about it. It’s leaving me with a thought: is this is my alternate ego that’s taken over letting me be this or if my ego is altering… that’s something I’ll explore offline. Hope I stay sane enough to share.

DSCN9425.1I shared my mind or the feelings I have for someone; I handled one of my demons and pinged and talked (chatted) for long with someone instrumental in making me who I’m becoming now. Holding grudges is not my idea anymore; not against someone who made me move and on for good. I realized again… I’m not who my father is. I’m able to go out on team parties at work and get clicked without worrying as much. The pics are doing the rounds; of course I look great! My best friend called and we talked. It was after a long long time we spoke; blame it on my work timings. One of my other friends took time out and traveled down to see me. We went out for a very late night dinner. At work, I rounded up within the first ten in the global dashboard.

This year’s only getting better.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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1 Response to The shift

  1. how are you?
    glad that you have been busy sharing stories,
    I am inspired to read your poetry,

    keep sharing, we have a special poets rally tomorrow at the community blog, you are welcome to join us.

    bless you, Olivia


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