Ticking off the wish list

I wished three things in the beginning of this year. They were and in the order:

  • Turning my present continuous into past participle
  • Seeing my father
  • Practicing Yoga more often

I tick marked the first one off the list in March. I sailed out of that captive… somewhat bruised. With passage of time, I’ll know how successful my attempt is. I witnessed the Universe conjuring yet again. It whirled fast enough to create the momentum I needed to start-off and sail through. The execution was nearly perfect. I was awarded ample time and space to walk my way out. If not now, this wouldn’t have happened.

Initially, I wished to lie barren lost in trance not letting any emotion affect me. However, destiny has different plans it seems. I see these micro-particles reflecting light creating an illuminated space around them. In its circumference, I can sniff the matter throbbing to become life. I hear them call on me. I feel this force wanting me to change along with. The one time I had taken forever to heal, would remain as the only instance. I’m gearing up to spring up again.

My slate is clear. I have wiped my mirror squeaky. In due course, I may reflect an impression too. I didn’t get enough time to lie barren; and yet, I want it in no other way. Miraculously, I look forward to live again. I earned my life back. The chapter which would have ranted of how the curtains were drawn is narrating of my attempts to write my new book. I struggled hard. Leave the situations alone, I underwent a hard time picking myself up. There’s only so much you can take. Deceit; and how many times? Nevermind, my name has LIV(E) in it and I shall adhere to it every time I hear being called on.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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