Lost and found

I am writing this in the times when “search” is only a click away or a tap actually on a touch device. Yet, at times what’s lost seems to be the only prototype making the loss more profound.

Anyone would validate when I say music taps our soul soothing the exposed bruises of a broken heart. Before a girl reaches for her cards laden bag for that much required retail therapy to pick her mood up, it’s a levitating piece of music that touches her brain neurons reminding her of who she is and that being herself is more important than nurturing the hurt of the recent loss.

That’s what music does… it patches your present day to the times long gone! Times when you were learning to smile more often, running through a new beginning after a long patch of disappointments that danced on your crumpled ego not so long ago. With every note listened to mind started to as if rebuild itself to go out there and hug the world with widespread arms. Mesmerizingly, it was recreating the feel of the times when you had done something similar just not long ago.

I am floating in this feeling that is filling my every pore right now listening to the music I thought was lost. Memories are taking shape of televised images inside vision animating with life activating every cell in my body to action shedding the dust of failure and haunting shadows of recent past. Like it is celebrating second anniversary of promotion at work urging me to move with same excitement in order to celebrate life.

I had synced my cellphone two years back. I was attending process training sessions for new business process after promotion at work. A young chap from my batch- Pranay David who incidentally left soon thereafter had shared some very beautiful numbers, new to my ears then. An hour long greatest hits of Coldplay 2015 was one of them. While creating space in my old cellphone last fall, I had lost all the numbers or so it seemed since. I ended up losing the tracks while deleting Xender and Shareit.

Search wasn’t working… Nothing was available online since that hour long track was burned from CD. As child I invested time in recording while numbers were aired on the local radio channel. Then came a time when I enjoyed alone listening to the aired numbers in an attempt to prioritize survival. While I wanted to buy a huge music system a decade back for my love of music, all I have is a few Sony ear gears for now. As technology advanced, I started storing music in chips and laptop syncing music with music buffs downloading from websites once in a while.

Laptop wouldn’t show any track or copy of it until today. My crazy music collection is green again. I would love to have a sound proof house playing pipe music creating a mini Universe within this much bigger Multiverse that responded with abundance just this evening.

PS: That’s captured by the new phone I bought this February. I wish smartphone cams were a bit more stable.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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