Free spirited

Is it the haircut after a year or a ultra lavish pedicure… again after a year? It certainly isn’t the weight I’ve gained working from home past 2 years.

I felt wind in my hair in a rolled up window car. I felt levitatingly elated. I was not high on spirit, though now sipping home concocted mudslide. I tell ya’, it’s heavenly!

Being independent gives me a high.



Travelljng around, buying simple home stuff, visiting salon, checking out the development around, carrying bags heavier than meself, all scrunched on a watch. I have a clock running in mind while planning my next move – salon visit or rushing to Bikanervala or do both, but never checking the time actually.

I’m free from worry of time, action and life. I felt so for a long stretch of time today.

Life is as it was a year back with no ripples on the surface. However,

Something is changing, again, I feel strongly. Like a premonition or a very strong hunch, I am about to hit a big change.

I’ve been living life independently since my teens. This feeling of highly spirited ecstacy is well known to me.

Yet, I say, today is different. From the window of my moving car, I noticed the sky getting cloudy. Wisps of cotton cloud lay lazily casting a hazy sunny day on a February afternoon. I felt in charge and charged.

I shed my dried leaves, golden yellow, crisp and to be soon dead

I made wishes.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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