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About Me

  • I love myself the Most.
  • I Don’t accept things without understanding.
  • I own all that a woman would envy and everything else- that a man would want to possess.

My Blog Space

  • This is where I speak my heart and express my mind out through words to reach out to one and all.
  • I used to write when I was small. Wrote a few Fictions, Short Stories and one Translation in On Spot Writing Contest; I won them all and was praised. Times changed and it halted.
  • That was then; here, you would get to read My Thoughts, My Ideas, My Vision and ME.
  • I am- OLIVIA

Born on: 11th August, 1977

  • Nationality: INDIAN
  • Religion: HUMAN
  • Hometown: Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Asia
  • Political Views: !@$*(&&%$@!
  • Religious Views: Spiritual, not religious


  • Late Ms. Jyotsna Sankei
  • Dad “Absconding” since 1989

Feel free to Comment in the Comment Box. You could also write to me=> freakoutwitholivia [at] gmail [dot] com

Ideal match

  • Is always yet to be found after you’ve explored and realized that this one is not.
  • You start expecting a little more after this one is over and start looking for yet another One.
  • And it goes on.

From my past relationships I have learnt

  • Not worth getting into any!!

Five things I can’t live without

  • Money (filthily overflow, so I spend it on myself and the ones needy too)
  • Power (Only then, I can exercise what I wish to)
  • Independence (I don’t want any Compliments if that’s the Balance/Return for Comments)
  • Privacy (Everything other than “my work” is Intrusion)
  • Speed (Passion and hence Immediate Urgency)

I was a loner and had become a recluse too

  • Transition kills me.
  • Solitude has never failed me. Infact, while in retrospection, I have been able to understand very many things; those which you would want to advise upon to sweep below the rug. Never ever have I been neglected by Solitude. The more I grow in it, the more it grows back on me.

In my bedroom you will find

  • Soothing lights.
  • Decorative Counter- Clock.
  • Conches, Shells.
  • Handmade Curtains.
  • Bells, Chimes.
  • Ornamental Flowers.
  • Stuffed small toys at the side table.
  • My framed Pics.
  • My Mom’s Pic.
  • And, me in my most attractive gait.
    ***THE SLEEPING BEAUTY***(most of the things are handcrafted by me..)

Passions or I like to:

  • Sing and I actually do. Have been awarded several times. At one time, I wanted to pursue my career in music.
  • Paint- I am a qualified Textile Designer. I paint, draw, sketch.
  • Write- Currently Here
  • (take up) CHALLENGES- My life’s full of those
  • Comment on freaks- Check
  • Make Handicrafts
  • Cook- I am a Foodie
  • Listen to music- That reminds me- it’s been long

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