I take all pride in Welcoming you to the world of My Stories

This is my Biopic Read that has just begun its journey from its existence in my Life to the Cyber World- Virtual Space. I wish to notify others of My Presence in this Up-side Down Society under its mundane obsolete rulings. Not to mention that I have been a victim of its Order (s)  several times enough to not play in its hands anymore and have decided to bring across my own experiences for others to know of its existence (of such dis- orders even in present day system). Wonderfully how I have survived and am still alive with all my sensing system intact, and in well functioning order; is what I wish others to take note of.

It wasn’t easy a bit; infact is now becoming tough day by day. How I am fighting back with the Societal Evils and my travel through such nonsensical tyrannies whereby my thoughts or my feelings are denied their very existence is what I have started typing down here at this Blog.

For anyone who has any questions or musings; please feel free to enter them in the comment box. I don’t expect anyone to be soft or sympathetic for the simple reason because I don’t wish to collect such wasted emotions. Go ahead- shot me with your as many un- apologetic doubts as you may develop reading the posts here- I’ll answer all of them and with as much compassion.

Once again, I have depicted the stances the way my memory has recorded them. My feelings expressed here are absolute and are completely personal. There may or not be a second angle to the facts and may have gone un- noticed by me, during experiencing those years or even while typing here.

All the Girls out there, “learn to Live” and not just get hurt alone- any more.

I believe in the “will- way” theory and that’s just what my Journey till now has been.


Anyone who wishes to know about WHY I AM the WAY I AM; please read this Blog

  • I am in the process of writing as much as I recall of my PAST; of what I saw and its affect on me.
  • Most of the major details have already been given, the rest is under compilation. I would try and remain as much im-passionate as possible..
  • It’s my indifference rather than “have taken them in my stride” attitude; that is letting me compile the filth people have carelessly created. I call that My Life..
  • Much of the DIRT is yet to come. The situations, I getting used up and then I exploiting that to my advantage..
  • Why I am doing it? Because I want to. The silver lining- now I can redirect people to read my Blog instead of chatting to “catch up”..
  • This is not the way to lead a Life- maybe. Did I ask? Or did anyone ask me before pushing me inside the tunnel. Seems there’s no end to the dark alley.
  • Appreciate the fact that I have not invested any phrases in self- pity. On the contrary, I have been as much critical to myself.
  • Alright, I may be wanting to balance my Karmas.. How..? By confessing, sharing and coming face to face with everything; even the things I wasn’t responsible for.


My Personal note of Gratitude towards:

My Mom
Capt Mansi

and everyone else who appreciated me unconditionally, and supported my being; believing in me.

My Biopic Log is not a work of Fiction. All Events depicted here are direct Instances of Occurrence.  The views expressed here may be what is often labelled as highly radical, rebellious & that of a Feminist.
I endorse them all- with PRIDE.