A Sincere Effort to put across some Eye- opening Truths. While the Reality may be staring at our Faces- for atleast Centuries now; however, we are either yet to register and understand the consequences, or have chosen to remain BLNDFOLDED. You would get to read some of the Major Events or Incidents related to Women Empowerment, Humanity or our overall Society. 

Please do not hesitate to key in your comments.

  • Why is our Society the way it is..?
  • How long it has been this way..?
  • Is there any hope..?
  • Or a way to even try..?

I have picked up a few issues that I have been pondering about, for some very good period of time now. Have tried to run a research and then have submitted my conclusion in form of posts. The sad part is that I writing them up, like many more may also be doing simultaneously; won’t move a thing. The Good News is atleast the concern is now being identified; so, one by one we could just break the pattern by not observing the rituals as they have been customarily.


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