Index- I

I am attempting to compile my biography here. The pages are still scattered across the Blog and are being posted as per the strength of my Memory Cells hitting my Brain Cells, who in turn are making me type that on priority. Here are the links of those “still to be joined bits” in Chronological Order of Occurrence:


My Biography

As I Am

The childhood age till reaching teens..

Scars of early Mishaps- I
Scars of Early Mishaps- II
Shaping up my Mind- I
Shaping of my Mind- II
Shaping up my Mind- III
My early childhood memories
Childhood Pics- I
Childhood Pics- II
My Happy Days were over
Vacuum growing in Me..
Void Blossoming on Me

My teen crush..

Springing of- My Loving “Him..”
Sweet Memories of Him
End of Innocence
Change- over..
Revisiting my LIS friends
Being Left Alone

Meeting my soul- mate

Happening of My friend for Life
My Guardian Angel

Mom, our friendship and losing her again- forever.

Creeping in of the Confusions
Silver Lining
Running away from getting married
Those were the best days of my Life
Yet another Blow..
No Moon Night

My Life after Mom’s Demise

Gotten Rid Of
Thrown out of my Home
Not yet squashed
Errors in Trials of My Survival
The Ruins of My Past
Parched Courtyard of my Life
Walking through the Cemetery
Relation with my Relatives
Collecting more nonsense

Stepping out to meet My Life

Stepping Out
My First Job, of friends and foes- I
My First Job, of friends and foes- II
My First Job, of friends and foes- III
Trip to Residency Manor
My Life, while working in Hotel Siddharth
My Life working with Jaypee Hotels
Getting Prepared and Stepping Out
Killing myself over- Almost
Tale of 2 brothers

Meeting my boyfriend, my relationship with him

My Marriage with my long- time boyfriend

End of My Affair
My Ganshu Darling
My Pre- Bridal Makeover
Wedding Planner
My Wedding Day
Life after My Marriage
Mismatched Mannerisms of my Marital Abode
Next 6 months of my Marriage
My 1st Marriage Anniversary
My open wounds
Brewing Inquietude- I
Brewing Inquietude- II
Fresh stabs on my bleeding wounds
Amputated finally- Homeless Again!!
Was that an.. Affair?

Change Over

The Phase of Transition

My Life after shifting to Gurgaon

A ridiculous arrangement

Fallen into a Pattern

Looking Back

Hunting my Dad to press multiple charges against him..

This is my Tribute or GIVING BACK to the Dad and Society. It depicts my Actual Life Sequence as has happened to me. It is currently “online” with my present day developments. Dad was the 1stone to teach me about Life; and ironically, has been the first man to make me live the definition of Atrocities. He has been absconding when I was all of 11 years of age making me understand that that’s what a Man can do at best. Even now, he has no record of my existence in his life or data- whatever. I don’t exist at all for him- knowingly and otherwise both. The fact has been verified by him 1st handedly.

If he has what he has been, and got away with it- or so he thinks; I have vowed to expose him so naked that he would be shameful of his very existence to say the least. For anyone who thinks that how vindictive I maybe- so be it and I am; I am HIS blood- let me try and prove it with similar intensity of cold- bloodedness; so that I am not taken as an Orphan, Illegal and Illegitimate Streetwalker anymore.
Getting Back at My Dad
Giving Back at the Atrocities- An Initiation
An Ode of respect for Dad
A Gift for Dad; I Love
Searching for my Dad in the Haystack

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