Sitting Idle

I have spent ONE LONG HOUR doing absolutely nothing this evening. No phone calls, no blogging, no reading, no talking- just sitting pretty..!!

Just another regular visit to my dentist. After one root canal, I have become as cautious as a Pigeon (yeah them 😀 ) I fly over the moment there’s a slight whisper- much less a sound. Well, I had to wait there for my turn for complete 60 minutes.

I felt so pushed on the edge that I had wanted to strike a conversation with my neighbor in an instant. That lady may have been my age if not older. Wearing a white salwar suit, she had covered her jaw with the corner of her dupatta (stole)!! Her toe nails were painted and had resembled what a KG standard kid would draw if asked to. All different shapes and sizes. Slippers were no great shakes..

I turned around to look at that elder lady who had come out of the clinic. She wore a beige cotton suit- not bad! I couldn’t guess her age- may have been 50- ish. Her toe nails were not painted- she wore slippers again and 2 gold bangles. Her complexion reflected on her regular facial massages. Face brighter than the lower neck 😀 Bearable still.

A sibling duo had sat opposite me, observing a Black horizontal striped T- shirt wearing dame. Ouchh, that dame had blonde hair and wore green sandals alongwith her denim short- skirt. That’s my uniform 😀 I have always loved wearing frocks and skirts. While I have to get back in shape to wear the Fs, Ss are the ones I am most comfortable in. Depending on the occasion, the top chosen completes a formal or semi- formal look. Casual is not me..

That young girl was obese- I had almost wanted to tell her to lose. It becomes tricky with passage of time. Ask me-

There was a young couple sitting diagonally across. The man was drooling all over the lady. So was the woman. That wasn’t intentional- that’s how their mannerisms are. Most of the locallites here have made it big by selling their lands; however, their habits and learnings still have remained rural.

All she may have been taught is to how to cook, sew and bring up kids. She wore a salwar suit and was sat how we would if only wearing jeans. I wonder- if we would still- unless we are exhausted and lost. She would often place her hand on that man’s calf. I had wanted to take her to a finishing school immediately. Had she been hired as my maid- I would have changed her genes for all times to come. That’s right. Ill- bred was the word. You still wondering why such strong words..

Here- in no time had her first leg gone up the seat. She had kept fiddling with her toe- nails till she decided to lift her other leg too. She had then decided to tap the sides of the seat. This had went on till she was called in for her turn!!

Watching her, I had felt so sick. They say marriage takes you way up as an elder- here are my doubts.

A fine looking lady had entered. Her teenage boy wore glasses. Fair complexioned- their talc or deo had whiffed good. She wore a Black and white suit. The young boy was busy playing with cellphone. I wondered what her age could be. If this guy was 11- 12, she may be anywhere between 35- 40. She looked elder yet very sophisticated. Her nails were painted; with 2 gold bangles, one on each of her wrists. She had stayed perfectly maintained and calm. Class speaks- thank you.

Outside, across the road, a man had squatted on the open grass, barren plot. It was sunny, on a connecting road, in everyone’s eye- view another lout had sat down to !$@#@. No points for guessing- Pee.. Eeeks.

I feel so embarrassed to be a citizen of a country where the Common Man and his conveniences are ignored. I fail to understand just why are we jumping high and low about Common Wealth Games? CWG is nothing but- Playing Games with Common Man’s Wealth.

That Dove perched on the Cable Wire seemed more at peace. Looking around and having felt disgusting (perhaps- most likely to be), she had flew away. I guess these cooing wonders are more blessed. They shift the moment they sense discomfort.

Oh my turn. Five minutes. Nothing but a panic attack- it seemed. I was sent home. 😀

Travelling though the mountains of mud and stone and diving through the potholes and puddles, I had reached home just on time to type this. I am going to watch TV now.

Happy Weekend.

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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6 Responses to Sitting Idle

  1. Chloe says:

    Olivia – this was so much fun to read 😀 I love the way you write and your great observations of the people around you! Very accurate and funny my friend.

    I am looking forward to looking at some of your other posts…just now!

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL and fun-filled weekend!!

    Lotsa hugs xx

    • Olivia says:

      hahahhaha- I am glad you enjoyed reading them. I wasn’t really sure how that was coming up. For an hour I have been sitting getting irritated watching other “homo sapiens”; I had to write that or else I would have lost it.. At times, I get too involved with things around- make that most of the times. Alright, almost all the times.. Ignoring such idiotic mannerisms become so difficult..!!

      Feel free to move around Gurl..

      Wishing you too a very NICE and BEAUTIFUL weekend Darling..

      Loads of hugs.. xox

      • Chloe says:

        Olivia!! I had to laugh at your comment that you were getting irritated watching other ‘homo sapiens’. Like you, I often get too involved with what’s going on around me and I find that humans can have some VERY annoying habits – lol. Like, for example, a person eating noisely on a train…or a person who smokes and insists on blowing the smoke in my direction. I think I have a VERY low tolerance level of such things and that sounds like it’s something that we share! In those circumstances, I kind of wish that I wasn’t SOoooo observant! haha

        As you can see, I’m now back in action my sweet friend and I look forward to seeing your writing again soon. Hope your weekend has gone WONDERFUL!!

        Chloe xx 😀

        • Olivia says:

          Welcome Chloe Darling- I’ve missed you all this while here. Flu isn’t the best of health conditions.. 😦 Hope you are all up and fighting now..

          Talking about annoying habits? Probably, the two of us can design a mega- novel and yet, remain half concluded.. LOL

          I love my being so observant. I learn and conclude very fast that way.. Weekend has been a little peaceful.. Would have loved some actions. Then again, not all days are as happening.. 😀 Did you have fun..??

          So loving you around here.. Loads of Love sweetheart.. 😀 xoxoxox

      • Chloe says:

        Hi Olivia – I am sending you an email on Facebook for any messages outstanding here – y’know how it’s good to have a girley chat sometimes 😀 xx

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