Palam Vihar, Gurgaon Police- Does Not Exist

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Police station- Palam Vihar has shifted from C-I block to Sec- 22/23, next to Rotary Public School; which is in a much bigger place. The old place has now been converted to Police Post.

The Telephone Number of the Police Station that is displayed

  • out side the Police Post
  • out side the Police Station
  • even on their website is 0124-2360148 (check the serial No- 16).

HOWEVER, if you attempt to call the number, you would hear that This Number Does Not Exist..!!

Upon calling the Control Room, the Duty Officer said that this line is disconnected because they haven’t paid the telephone bill.. OMG


Furthermore, their Website, also enlists Mr. Jitesh Malhotra in the table. It won’t be out of place to mention that this SHO had been transferred 2 years back. Ever since, these are the SHOs who have served their tenure here.

  • Mr. Tahir Hussain
  • Mr. Ved Prakash
  • Mr. Rajinder Singh (current)


The matter is now escalted to Mr. Sanjeev Ahuja, HT correspondent, Gurgaon. He had promised a callback, so the details could be noted.

Even though that I am waiting, I feel that he could have done the needful and initiated the basic steps.


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  1. woopayCheally says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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