Imperfect Forwards

Sometime back, I had written about the weird messages people send/forward. I believe this one can go almost as a series. Once again, their names are with- held. I really don’t want them to get (in)-famous through my blog. Let them find their own way to do that.

Maybe they actually have!

“A chain of prayers has been started to help the Japan quake victims. We will pray (and bull$h!+) The least you can do is not break the chain and forward..”

All I can say is “leave me alone; my own survival is slogging on the edge of a razor blade- let me handle that. The least you can do is GET LOST”

Yes, the contents were more or less on the same lines. I am referring to my reply.

This is what I have to say. Go ahead n make a donation. Who is stopping you? Apparently, the 10 bucks that you spend on sending that sms (inclusive of one day rent, sms charges, surcharges, service tax and misc); could be used wisely. You could probably donate it! If you think that won’t make much of a difference, then you are damn right. Our own country is slogging enough. Why don’t you pick up one of the orphanages and start donating? Once we have more people with better standards of living; perhaps more number of people would be able to help monetarily on such mishaps.

Oh well..It’s complicated!

If this was not enough to bug me; I receive another set of messages (on FB). “Pics” of the recent ceremony/function/occasion/I care not whatever. I am not referring to “uploads”. I am talking about the personal messages that I receive from time to time about some of their family functions.

  • I don’t know the people captured in the images excepting the sender.
  • The chances are that I would never ever get to meet them!
  • If at all; I should have met them before receiving their “pics”
  • For crying out loud; you could have invited me over!

That’s right! It seems those pics are “forwarded” with an intention to tease. C’mon, why on earth are you sending the “pics” when I am technically an hour away from your house on a bad traffic day and a phone call away literally?

I also don’t care about the mails like

  • “Patience is Trusting God’s Timing” (I think I’m being God here; since I am taking all of it patiently)
  • “BEWARE OF YOUR MOBILE HAZARD” (maybe that’s why you don’t use it- or is it me that makes it hazardous..?)
  • “Latest from Nursery school :)” (I don’t have/want to have kids for a reason. But thanks for making sure that I am not missing out on catching up with the latest going on about kids)
  • “World’s youngest CEO – Do U wan to be ????” (Did that lesson work for you? Or have you become divine enough to forward sermons? Then again, the Gurus do it all by themselves before preaching..)

Over 10 sms a day is not a fun thing. That is from just one of the offenders. If spams (plot available, get married, get slim, learn how to speak, stage fright, whatever nonsensical subject you could possibly think of) aren’t enough to deal with; I get to read messages like how a woman is so great since she slides out certain inches (of baby) from her certain inches hole!

If I were to bang my head on the wall, the poor wall would get red in shame (with bloodstains).

I mean get real. I have no business talking about your personal life. However, if even after what you have gone through sadly, have not made you learn the nuances; the chances are that you’ll keep slogging. And I am not sorry for saying so! Whatever happened to level of maturity? Travelling to “foreign” land made no difference. You still follow the English (or even vernacular) that is being spoken in JJ colonies! Really, the “educated” lot doesn’t talk about these subjects; instead, they work towards changing the mundane! There is a huge difference between being “literate” and “educated”.

Let me try asking you a small question. The deal is that you wouldn’t have to answer if you don’t want to. So here’s the question: why on “earth” or any other place (that I unfortunately) stumble upon you; have to read 10 damnation messages when you don’t read my blog (know what, the posts are original and not copied or lifted or forwarded) in even 10 days.. or even weeks? I too write about women. You would get to read more on the other issues related to her anatomy. If you care; you would also learn about my bit of social work.

If any of you is reading it here; kindly do not bother to send another sms/inbox/forward mail/explanation seeking mail/your family function pics mail. I don’t care even if the world is on fire. If you being my friend (so you claimed till you read this) never ever did what makes me happy or feel a little better; why should I be caring about the world who I would possibly never get to meet; especially if it’s on fire? Then again; if you think I am “uncharitable”, I don’t wish to harp upon my acts or initiative that I have ever taken to make my immediate circling society a better place to be in for women. I would let you think all of that about me as long as I don’t receive any of your wasteful and unconcerned email/sms.

Now go, R.I.P. for all I care!

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18 Responses to Imperfect Forwards

  1. Sampada says:

    Ha ha ha…….Very true,I know and glad that nobody sends me forwarded messages any more.
    Charity begins at home.Do the needful and just leave the rest for others to ponder upon.

    Love you babes and I really liked this one…….

    • Olivia says:


      Trust me- it’s offending and highly annoying to be reading “good to know information”
      If only they knew that not forwarding spams is the best information.. oh never mind..!

      Thank you for stopping by and loving it.. 😀

      Love right back at ya babes.. mwaahz!!

  2. I love your dark humor and the use of the word ‘slogging.’

    May the people who put inspirational quotes as their Facebook profile pictures be grouped in with the mass email forwarders as well.

    • Olivia says:

      That’s yet another story.. a long one- what say?
      Cinema actors, quotes- almost over- abused ones, other images, animal- hey what happened to the animal rights protection?

      A series could be done on FB I guess. Images, status updates, funny requests.. here I go again!!!
      Lindsay, I am glad you liked it. Long live the nuisance makers so we keep calling the pot shots upon it.. 😀

      Hugs xx

  3. irisdeurmyer says:

    Your post echoed many of my thoughts. Yet I have posted pictures of my nephews wedding in Acapulco with its gorgeous scenery and exclusive plush ceremony and reception. Sorry fb fans. Yet there are many aspects of fb and e-mails that I love. Great post. I will come back.

    • Olivia says:

      I couldn’t track your site back through the comment!.. In case it said otherwise, I have no qualms with Album updates.. but that’s what the social profile is for.. But how sad it is when you receive someone’s album link with people in it whom you don’t know! You know what I mean?

      Thank you for stopping by! Hugs xx

  4. Myrna says:

    Olivia, sure hope your problem resolves.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  5. Sam373 says:

    There is a huge difference between being “literate” and “educated”.

    I perceive senders of chain letters to be “cop-outs”, if you want to say something to me why send what someone else said with no qualifying phrase?
    Come on, just state the fact: “I’m praying for you” or “Pray for yourself, you need it!”
    Maybe: “Just to let you know that you are on my mind” or “regrettably you are on my mind, again!” or in my case with you:
    It’s good to see that that mind of yours is actively engaged;-)

    • Olivia says:

      That was witty for sure.

      Really, I had discussed about this with a couple of friends a week back. Each time I had thought that my mind would get restful after sharing. It just wouldn’t!
      After writing it here, it feels divinely peaceful.. now, am I exaggerating.. hahaha

  6. Mama Zen says:

    I’ve never understood why people would send me pictures of people that I don’t even know!

  7. Bodhirose says:

    I hear your pain, Olivia! My pet peeve, besides the guilt trips attached to many of these forwardings, is the misinformation that is forwarded to me as if it is truth. I’ve tried to steer people to or other sites to check the validity of stories before they pass them on–but to no avail.

    I don’t participate in emails that are superstitious or try to guilt you into participating–promising bad luck or misfortune if you break the email circle. Bah!

    Gayle xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      The emails saying pass on or else; seems like a curse more than a “beautiful wish”
      Darn it I tell you! If black cats and “untimely” sneezing aren’t enough, we have superstition creeping in to the cyber- media too! Remember, next time some one says he is not superstitious; ask him why did he forward those “idiotic” email/sms?

      Hugs xoxox

      • Bodhirose says:

        I meant “bad” luck not “back” luck–I hate when that happens! 🙂 I agree with you–they feel more like a curse on your soul rather than something sweet and uplifting.

        Wherever there are people, there is going to be the same silly behavior with chain letters and sending information out to others that’s not true. Being on the web did not save us from that. 🙂

        I try to let people know I’m not interested and it really has cut down on how much of that stuff I’m getting these days.

        Love you, Olivia!

        • Olivia says:

          Corrected already.. 🙂

          Yeah Gayle. It is so annoying that with those “nonsensical” forwards; they think they are expressing their concern for me! How?
          If incase I din’t reply to either of those 10 creepy forward, another one pops up- “all well..?” How could I be, I have gone color blind staring at the cell phone screen..

          This irks me even more when someone says- “all well?” Heck no!! Now what? Can you do something? Anything?
          Believe you me, they have not frown up beyond their Kindergarten class, where frown is carried to attract attention.. whatever..!!

          Love right back at ya lady

  8. I am not much of one of those forwarders either! Gee, Olivia — we are like sisters, I swear!! We give charity in our own way, when we wish to. And I like taht!


    • Olivia says:

      hahaha.. Great to have a sister in you- I would let you be the elder one.. I like to naughty.. I know you too are- that way I’ll get some cover- teeheehee
      It’s so annoying to read those nasty forwards!

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