Paired Up

Paired up with a very good looking non- smoker leo in name of my trainer for the next two weeks is what I have earned, not to forget the learning more about the business part- but we’ll discuss that later. For now, I am spending my office hours in close proximity of a hot trainer. And you thought I ain’t interested in men. You now know- I am. I am ranting about it here.

It was one hell of a weekend shift – my first one at the new work place.

20140518_042916.1I had reached office an hour in advance and since I was in no requirement of setting up a workstation for myself, I spent some quality time listening to music and doing shoots. We aren’t assigned any fixed work-stations, we hunt for one every day. Later about that; let’s get back to the trainer talks. I worked this Sunday fooling around with my ex-team members during breaks. This trainer guy takes me out most of the time i.e., to inhouse cafeteria. He pays too. So this morning, we went on a tea break that was more of an Adam n Eve in the garden of Eden for me. He showed me around the office complex taking a complete de-tour, through the walkways unknown to me. I was shown where my ex- process used to be; so much for understanding the business. Not only a certain division; I am also learning about its history and geography and with a handsome escort to hang around with. I didn’t mind the fact that we didn’t find any coffee at the end of those de-trails. With that, our tea- break was ruthlessly cut short- I saved it though. All I needed to drop was “can we please walk a bit?” that was then answered by first a “C” and then a complete “O” circle around the office complex. Morning walk… of course what else? Boy! Does he mind his manners? He doesn’t yap while eating though that hand cream parfume was distracting enough, maybe that was on purpose. Who cares anyway? I should enjoy this time off work- and I am doing just that.

He is a leo and a complete charmer… what he doesn’t know is he is fantasizing one of his own breed! He carries himself with a stiff-neck though he is anything but that. He wears a killer ease minding his business. Precisely why it seemed a misfit when he looked strained then. I was watching my new team monkeying around when I heard him grumble “something is not right here.” It took me only two seconds to set that just about right – the first one to look at his face to figure out and the second one to point out. While he was breaking his well-trimmed, clean and manicured fingertips on the computer keyboard, squinting his brown eyes, joining the carefully plucked brow trying to figure out the graph deviation; one look and I had declared what the error was. I can point the flaws out like that’s my only business. It is only a few months back when the statement disclosing the account keeping service fee on the sales voucher was modified countrywide upon my pointing out. Back then too, he was the one who was assigned the task of shooting instructions to stop the printing of existing format on the e-sales voucher incidentally. I was barely a few months old and was sitting pretty etching expressions upon that incorrect figure quoted in terms of dollar amount of a major financial company and credit service provider of a certain country. How many newbies can add that kinda feather up his cap?


So we do have a nice-looking guy around placed at an authoritative level – nothing less than interacting with the client directly and a single. He holds the door for me though I graciously; yes, I said that, step back with a polite “thank you” and a coy smile. Oh c’mon, I can do that. I am doing that.

I have already made it official- on the floor, in public audience that my ex- manager is anyway my “ex” now. So I am not two timing either you see.


P.S. all the above mentioned is in strict accordance with the actual occurrence of episodes. Nowhere have I lied that I am interested in my trainer 😉

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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