Time stops now!

Whoever said that time cannot be captivated?

You certainly can capture a moment. Along with it- a vignette, a chronicle or a narrative to describe the “caught” moment-o. You capture a moment within words in mind, defined by brush- strokes in a painting, or clicked by lenses in snap- shots. The joy of that instant, the intensity of the hurt in displayed emotions or the very essence of that split- second moment; gets arrested in a sheet, memories or even cyber- media! Like the event itself, the framed moment too lives forever.

It’s a spark that spreads the fire!

So instead of a split second time; also a series of events that must have happened at a different or previous or even later time, gets encaged. The photo- albums aren’t plastic pockets with colored photo paper only; it’s the emotions captured alongwith an account of that occasion. Paintings are much more than some colors done bleeding on paper. Those are the feelings captured by the bristles of the brush and the tale then follows; often, a legend is born.

Words say the most.

The precedence, the relevance and the subject matter- all explicitly. Like a detailed engraved pillar with vines, the substance get etched against the pillar of time- with many associated tales springing around it! An introduction, preface, and even an edit section grace the real body of the matter. Millions of seconds get seized within a few hundred words. A simple word like “Universe” says it all! No metaphors needed to give the explicit.

An entire generation and beyond is lived in those captured words!

Likewise, it bounds uncountable emotions in a painting. An individual, his life, his success or the lack of it gets framed in his portrait. No matter how successful he might have not been in his life; a legend is born anyways. Millions of stars can be seen twinkling across on a clear night sky. The stars captured in photos twinkle each time those are viewed; bringing back floods of memories and emotions estranged and buried. A small bit of life is then lead while viewing a photo; a life that you might have led then or a life you could not lead ever! Some minutes of present day time gets stolen while you sit starry eyed thinking of the possibilities those could have been. While losing yourself viewing the snap- shot; you lead a life that you could not- anyway; so what if only within minds!

The paper does not remain life-less any longer.

Like how snap- shots are shown in Harry Potter movies; those also tend to breathe and move! It isn’t magic but a different dimension altogether. Like some demi-god ourselves, we tend to “create” dimensions and in those we decide who to put in! This isn’t the only life we live. We live our lives in others’ minds within their memories. We lead a life that we may not be aware of in someone else’s imaginations or yearnings. We become lively again- each time our photos are viewed or we are talked about or something about us is read somewhere across the globe. Similarly, cyber- space could also be a “live” culture to hold and inbreed the souls around in it!

A souvenir by Time.

While writing “love- letters” (that’s what those are called- ain’t those?); I would say that those words actually make me see him even though he may not be around physically- certainly not on a piece of paper. Yet I felt him talking to me whenever I read those letters. Read this as remote Past Tense- I write only on my blog now! At times; a gift or a memento, too revives our memories. The series of leading a stolen life in a stolen moment begins again. That would happen each time you would see those. Or is it the time that decides those mementos to show up?

And we say- time never stops!


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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4 Responses to Time stops now!

  1. Bodhirose says:

    So true. An eloquent essay here on how time is stopped and captured in many, many ways.

    Happy weekend, Olivia! xoxo

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you Gayle!
      Isn’t that how we steal moments from time? Living those again whenever the words/painting/photos/objects or memories come to surface?

      Wishing you a nice weekend.. xoxoxox

  2. Jingle says:


    bless your day.

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