Giving Back at the Atrocities- An Initiation

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To be able to trace my Dad’s whereabouts after he had abandoned me & mom in 1989 was nothing short of a miracle. I had practically lost my sleep & appetite over & just been focusing on finding his whereabouts. They say Thoughts do create vibrations in the Universe to achieve the Level of your Energies. Keeping up my faith was all I could.

  • I started by tracking his name in the Chandigarh Directories- no luck..
  • Called up NTC, talked to Shambhu Prasad with a Pseudo Name, he said that dad had sold off everything & gone absconding. Something just didn’t seem right. I didn’t buy it..
  • Traced the Puja Parishad telephone numbers & tried asking the Bengali Families, one of the members gave a name back in Delhi to talk to..
  • I did, he gave yet another name of a Punjabi Gentleman back in Mohali..
  • Called him up & all he could press his brains was about a vague landmark only..
  • Some Banquet, some apartment in Zirakhpur..
  • This was last year about same time, summer of 2009 (!!)
  • Located the Banquet, called up many; called up residents of the Apartment; even called up nearby shops & merchants, nothing worked..

Traced numbers in Calcutta, mind you I had been there once when I was all of 6 years of age. Neither did they or we did contact either of the relatives after which. Not even when Dad left or mom passed away. I had to strain my grey cells & look up in the directory that would even faintly resemble my Grandfather’s Name. Damn my Memory Cells; it lived me up..

My dad’s elder sister in law was very bitter about him; he had created some chaos in their lives too. Dad is his step brother, yet Sushil Jethu had brought him up like his own child both financially & otherwise. My grandfather died when dad was very young, Jethu married very late. I had known all this through mom. I have a snap of his marriage with my mom standing amongst!! All I could was to apologize to her, I felt ashamed & I mean it. Could my dad not be grateful to anyone who deserved & claimed some respect?? He is no more to demand any.. I am sorry. She was full of praise for mom, I spoke with my cousin too (her son), nothing came up.. Called up all the Mandals & Sankeis.. They all denied knowing about him.

In December, I had sent an RTI (Right to Information) to National Textiles Corporation & started it over again. After much slogging the RTI Officer’s number was all I could reach to. He seemed to understand my Plight & promised to help me in whatever way possible. A few days later, we called him up as a follow up, & he said that probably dad was no more. My associate who had been helping me & made this call stared at me & asked that what do I wish to achieve out of this whole PROJECT? I could read his mind & moved him (literally) out of his chair shaking his thoughts lest that generate any wave & replied that I was prepared for the worst but there isn’t any degree above it, so he should quit his slumber & do what I would tell him to. At this instant, I asked him to call my dad’s beloved Shambhu Prasad; upon talking to him we came aware that he was the one replying on the RTI Application officially. Mystery resolved; hence the mis- information (please)

I insisted talking to the RTI Officer again & apprised him of this part of the development. Once again, he said that he would whatever he could. He asked us to call him up after a few days. We did; & he did keep his promise too.. He had tracked someone back in Mohali (yet again) through one of his colleagues in the Delhi Office. This Mohali gentleman was a friend of the RTI Officer’s colleague & claimed to know dad personally…………… phew!! A few days later, all details were hurriedly scribbled in my Diary pertaining to my dad’s trail. Mind it, this was only on Humanitarian grounds.. The RTI came back with no details that were not known to me; as I had expected.

Back when I visited dad’s office after my mom’s demise, Shambhu Prasad had denied me of all details of my dad.. He seems to be oblivion to the fact that this is deemed as conspiracy; he could have what the RTI Officer did; he being a close family friend too. He has one daughter of my age- Charu; didn’t the very fact scare him? May be not, may be the Incidents now would. His wife is currently in Max because of some acute Kidney Disease. God Bless Her..

All I want is some Acknowledgement & Compensation a great Deal on account of being forced to live with Lack of Identity & Humiliation caused to a Girl, Woman & Daughter.. Scarring her thoughts about Men forever.

I want all my Self- Respect back due to me- AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH??

Wait, now that’s not all, the clincher is this:

Once we got the Lead of his Present Workplace, a call was then made at his office & asked for his contact numbers- a matrimonial match offer for his daughter- being the alibi. The Office people denied of having known of his daughter’s existence. Nevertheless, we were able to get hold of his cell numbers.

Mom had a Peerless account back when I was just born, she invested some in my name too. I had heard of this while growing up. Feigning knowledge of the fact that the amount was very much claimed by mom before she had died, we lured him to claim the Rs.4.96 lacs, he being the legally wedded husband of mom- a pathetic fact by itself.. Anyways, that’s when he revealed that he had married again & before mom’s demise. The sum quoted to him was too good to not have fallen for. Since mid February till about yesterday, he has been vigorously following up with my (Lawyer) friend to claim his cheque. He has also given a Declaration to this effect..!! Never mind that he hasn’t bothered to enquire even a word about me; but had expressed worry that what if I were to go to his present residence & claim my space there; start residing with them..?! Please spare him of the Horror; I have run out of statement concluding marks- Exclamation would not be able to justify my expression here. Now hear this- He dint know mom’s year of death, much less the date. Mind you I had made him aware when I was connected by Shambhu Prasad over the phone from here. It was then when I had somehow figured the STD Code & that’s how I targeted Chandigarh.

Try & imagine of all the other things that I would soon post here; I had been so much attentive & careful that I had carefully sneaked on & noted the area code & overheard Shambhu Prasad connecting to the Branch Office there- it was with a different name. & that’s how I had re- started my search yet again last year.

Let me at least appreciate him since he has made me so barren hearted that on the day of mom’s death, instead of crying & weeping (that is yet due), I was busy safeguarding the household cash, her Gold Jewellery & the keys to almira which had all the Bank Deposit Documents. As if somebody spoke over my shoulder to do so. Could I be anymore robotic??

So, Robot now is what he would get; emotionless or may I say ruthless or any other degree of being Non- Compassionate, whatever else would apply i.e.,


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