My Date with Sophie

This post is in response to her comment.

Thank you so much for such a nice narration, you actually made me re-live that day, thanks… I never thought I could do that. So far I’d just marked that day somewhere in my virtual diary but you have made it a concrete memory that I can cherish when ever I feel like…

I am honored that a simple “capture” of a few hours of a day, could bring you back the moments we had spent together. That you re- lived the day through the expressions is a great compliment in itself. The day was very special to me since you had always wanted to come to my home. If only things had sorted out a little earlier..!! Yet, you made it so special for me by coming over when you were so tied up. Not many people do that and you know it.

Though a lot of the conversation we had are embedded and I really liked it all.

Like we spend years in a relationship and yet fail to read the other one; similarly, at times, word by word conclusion also fails to convey the purpose.. and that you could read the “embeds” makes it so “between us” 😉

And yes, that is very sentimental of you to call me in middle of this writing, (I now recall what a cold response you got from me, though i liked to listen to you while I stood next to my boss’s desk and pretended to be keenly looking at the screen he wanted me to take notes from)

Don’t worry about your indifference. It was more than enough that you answered my call despite the fact that you weren’t in the Pantry. I had only wanted to hear you.. How so sentimental of you too that you captured your response from “that” time to put it in the comment. Of course I was thinking of you.

Your saying that you liked hearing me made me “Go Grin”. I mean how naughty of you. How special of me to you.. How sweet of you to say so..

It took some time for me to write it here; since I wanted to write that more as a direct dictation, instead of hurriedly taken notes. Till now, I thought it was only me, who could visualize the day’s stances while reading through the lines.

I am so touched that while you penned it down you were thinking of me….it sure is an evidence that each work has come right from your heart.

I have tried to remain composed and not walk down the nostalgia path 😀 I guess, it’s nice to stay connected and even better, to become indifferent; if unable to. The best possible “treatment” of any Past is to be able to keep the “good” things in mind, browse through the happy pages and not look inside the closet. This is applicable to all things- in past.

The idea is to call “it” good. And not “best”. For that’s an extreme. While balancing “good”, one may require “bad”. Likewise to balance “best”, I would need “worst”. Acquiring the “middle path” would so save you from swinging between extremes.. Doesn’t maintaining balance means mix of moth? Don’t we often hear to not walk on edge? Aah Sermons..!!

So what I mean to say is that I didn’t make it “oh so nostalgic” with a purpose. Moreover, I guess our Friendship has just begun- there are many more “meetings” to come- Soon. It was cruel of my circumstances that you had seen a different “Me” for the majority of the time.

Another one of my friends was here yesterday 😛 A childhood friend. I may have been all of 13 when I had spent a few days singing with her in the empty classrooms. Am I a vampire? A lost soul may be? Empty classrooms and singing and all that?

I always enjoy reading your blog and stories.

I am honored. Kindly be gracious to put comments more on a regular basis. That marks your attendance 😛 You yourself aren’t bad though. I have read your compositions. DO CARE to post them across.

and since the time I have come to bangalore, I have been trying to get settled with a list of things that are necessary and I think I am not too late to include an internet connection with the aqua-gaurd, newspaper delivery, a phone connection etc… :) At least I would know how my friend is doing back home and what’s on her mind today!

Your mention of changing places again reflects on your headstrong attitude and courage. I wish I had some of it too. I hope all the things are working out in an Order for you. Keep me updated with everything possible 🙂 (Everything and Possible- both)


All this while that we couldn’t socialize, I watched so many movies with “Sophia” and “Olivia as siblings.. LOL Anytime I watched a character as Sophie, I could so not ignore the fact that I too “have” a Sophie. You actually made my Day today- since I read your comments past midnight. Reason? You entered your name as Sophie. My very intent of writing about our meeting is met. I had so wanted to captivate the time spent exactly in the manner that we had.

Mission Accomplished.. and not Impossible

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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